Mission Nepal

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Mission Nepal
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Mission Nepal - We plan to build orphanages, provide medicines, houses, schooling, books, pens, food and water to alleviate extreme poverty.

by Reverend Philip Cartlidge in

Mission Nepal  March 9th - 21st 2018

I myself and 2 other wonderful volunteers are going to the Amazing country of Nepal and we plan to build orphanages, provide medicines, houses, schooling, books, pens, food and water to alleviate extreme poverty.

We visited Nepal in August 2017 and saw poverty on a scale that is unprecedented. I have been to many third world countries but have not seen anything like this, there is nothing, people have so little and that's something I wish to change.

All lives matter and that includes the lives of these beautiful Nepalese people.

I say again, I have never seen such need, people literally with nothing. We were there in a place called Surkhet City and we did what we could as a small charity but, a day or two after we left,  the floods came and the people that we were there within the community helping, so many of them died, men women and children and most of the people had their homes washed away by the torrential rain, monsoons, and extreme flooding. lets not also forget that a few years ago they also had a great earthquake. 

(The April 2015 Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. It occurred at 11:56 NepalStandard Time on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw)

So whilst there, we raised what we could to help at that time and helped with the immediate need that was presented, and we tried to help after the monsoons in the small way we could. But now the roads are passable again we wish to go back and provide new orphanage buildings, provide medicines, new houses, schooling, books, pens, food, and water. These people need so much and we as a charity with your help will do it. Please help us to help them. 

These people have been hit so hard by so much, they need help. (the western floods were covered by the media and got millions in aid, these people had a few thousand pounds that we could raise.)

My heart has been touched like never before by these wonderful people and I believe we can raise this money and more.  We are partnering with some of the people out there and I wish to show them that the world has not forgotten. Nepal is important too.

God Bless You and let us raise this Money to help others this 2018. 

Reverend Phil Cartlidge

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