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by Infrastructure Africa in Great Chart, England, United Kingdom

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In a documentary piece I want to show how the poor infrastructure situation in Africa is impacting people's wellbeing, education and health.

by Infrastructure Africa in Great Chart, England, United Kingdom

With the ever increasing demand for transportation across the World, this Documentary looks at people living in countries across Africa with notoriously poor and limited road infrastructure and how they are living with these challenges and identify how the social economic life in rural areas is affected.  It also will look at the future for the Western World. How will it cope with the increase in transportation over the next decade.  


In 2002, my life changed. Something happened. Everything that my parents had worked for was gone with a blink of an eye. What is important in this tale is that two years on, I started working on innovative and environmentally friendly technologies together with my father because of this situation. We had a vision of how we could elevate developing economies through the adaptation of revolutionary technology. My father will not see this happen anymore as we lost him in 2014, which led me into depression and disarray. Writing a book about our journey a year later, helped me recover.

Today more than ever, I am determined to continue the work we started and make him proud.

At this moment in time, I and a small team are continuing the development of our VTOL aircraft that will identify its freight land on it and deliver it to its destination. But this campaign is about making it possible for us to undergo this journey by car and take you, the audience, along for an epic journey through time and space, filled with challenges but also opportunities.

I need your help and support in producing a documentary so that lives can be impacted and changed.


In Ivory Coast for example, roads that are meant to last 20 years are only lasting the country 2-3 years meaning several things: 


  • -60% of the road infrastructure is in a dire state.
  • -Budget allocated for the building of new roads is used to fix and try to maintain the existing ones
  • The fast increase in demand for transportation cannot be facilitated under this scenario.
  • -Governments cannot afford it! In theory $75 billion is required per year for the building and maintenance of roads. ($38 billion as new investment and $37 billion for maintenance).

The global benchmark for road infrastructure efficiency is for 100% of the ruralpopulation to live within two kilometres of an all-season road.

In the Ivory Coast,for example, this would require the build of 400,000 kilometres of road, which if you anticipate each Lane- kilometre costing approximately £1m will break the bank. 


This graph illustrates projected World GDP and Transport demand growth from 2010-2030

Graph Source: Strategic Transport Infrastructure Needs to 2030, Main Findings OECD page 10


I would like to uncover and document how the above mentioned challenges are affecting the lives of those having to live under these conditions, having to live in rural areas and the opportunities given access to the right technology. 

According to a study from Nottingham University, the most profoundly affected countries facing crisis in primary education are especially those in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Over an eight week period, this study looked at primary education utilising specially designed Apps to measure the development of Children in Malawi and UK, which demonstrated that the learning gains were of similar magnitude.


In order to make this journey interactive and resonate with you, the audience, I have decided it would be best to illustrate the problems by journeying across the continent by vehicle. 

So, while it has required a lot of planning and crafting thus far, together with a film production company affiliated with the BBC, we want to journey through Africa over 65 days. 

 Simultaneously,  I want to offer virtually real time updates by blogging and vlogging along the journey through my YouTube Channel, Thor_Creative. I am recruiting a team who will support me in this vision and join the adventure.

This is highly interesting, as it demonstrates that given the right environment and tools the sky is the limit and opportunities are endless. 


In addition to the filming work with the above-mentioned production company, my aim would also be to create an independent roughly 90 minute feature documentary from all the footage collected along the way. 

Given the success of this campaign, I also want to also engage and hope to gain further corporate sponsorships. 


Realistically, we require at least £25,000 in order to make this vision possible which will be consciously used for the purchase of a vehicle, fuel, travel cost, equipment and accommodation calculated for 4 persons.


ANY contributions and donations in the form of funds or material, will be auctioned off and donated to a charitable cause once we reach our final destination in Cape Town.

I am ambitiously hoping that with your donation, the auction and any other support we might receive we can raise and donate an amount in excess of £45k. That is the Goal!

What does the future of the children look like? 

Call me a dreamer, but I have a vision where access to health, clean drinking water, good education as well as a stable economic life, with plenty of opportunity should be available to everyone. 


Considering the success in raising sufficient support I would like to set out in early 2019. 


It is clear that we will not change the world over night but if we can bring just a little joy and HOPE to the children then we should try our very best.

With the documentaries, Vlogs and Blogs I want to shed some light onto the real life situation outside our own 4 walls – The Infrastructure Problem is real and it is negatively impacting upon lives across the world. 


If If I am right, this “Infrastructure Problem” will come back round to haunt us in the WesternWorld, so the key question is; How much more are the people with less or insufficient infrastructure disadvantaged and how does the availability of safe infrastructure affect our society?

To answer this question, please help me uncover what might lie ahead so that we are all collectively able to make a difference in the short time that is available to us.


If you prefer to donate through Paypal, you can send your contribution to the Paypal email address that has been specially set up for this cause: dontation@reinhardtworks.co.uk. 

We are also welcoming any other support. Finances are helpful but without the right support network along the way it becomes challenging. 

 A great way you can help us is by SHARING our vision across Social Media to help spread awareness for our project. 

As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “in a gentle way, you can shake the world”, and I hope my project can contribute towards a viable solution to protect and preserve the wellbeing of future generations.


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While on our journey, we want to engage with you and offer you everyone the opportunity to ask us questions. However with this package you will be able to have a 1on1 with Thorsten and engage with the families and children that we will be visiting.

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