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Expedition to Antarctica to help preserve the last wilderness on Earth from Climate change and oil exploitation. Thank you for your support!

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Hi! I'm Ruth and I'm a divorced mother of six children aged between 18 and 10. I know that sounds crazy! And to be honest, it is. But now have six utterly amazing and wonderful children whom I want to show that if you have a dream and a passion, you should let no one stand in your way.

Before children, I was a radio and TV journalist in the UK and had only been in TV for six months, when my boss told me I was going to the North Pole to report on a guy called Robert Swan who was leading an expedition. He was also the first man in history to have walked to both the South and the North Poles.

2016 is the 30th anniversary of his first mission to walk 900 miles to the South Pole. This is also the 10th year he has been running  the International Antarctic Expedition - a two week voyage aboard a specially adapted vessel that takes adventurers onto the Antarctic continent itself, meeting whales and penguins along the way.

My mission is to make a documentary to honour these milestones of course; but beyond that, this is a journey into the unknown for all of us onboard.

What I want to find out is why Robert has spent the last 30 years campaigning for the preservation of "The Last Wilderness on Earth"? What do participants on the program learn? How is that knowledge and discovery used to promote the aims of Robert's 2041 Foundation? And how does this two week voyage to the end of the Earth change people?

Getting to the starting point is not cheap! Ushuaia is at the very tip of Argentina.  The expedition itself costs an average USD$12,500. Then there is insurance, clothing and equipment, hotels....etc, etc. You get the picture.

I would be immensely grateful for any contribution to these costs - and the cost of producing a documentary which one TV station in the North East of England has already committed to showing. I proposed 30 minutes; they want an hour!!

The TV station, although keen to air the documentary, do not pay any contributions towards the making of it, nor is there payment for my work.

What would your contribution help me do? Employ a professional editor, pay for archive footage, graphics, music, studio time and travel.

It will also help me travel to schools to give talks on Antarctica and the 2041 goal to keep the Antarctic Treaty in place after the 2041 deadline.

This is an incredible opportunity to highlight some of the profound issues facing the world today - namely, climate change, how it is affecting this vast frozen continent and ultimately, how that impacts us all. But it is also a personal voyage of discovery for every one of the participants - me included.

I am grateful to you for reading my story. I would be truly grateful and humbled if you think that you could contribute to this mission of mine in any way at all.

If you would like to contribute, you can be sure that your name will appear on the documentary. I need the funds immediately; the trip is imminent.

Thank you so much!

In love and hope,


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