Missed Conceptions

Inspired by a true story. A lesbian couple in 1990's London get creative trying to conceive a child of their own.

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On 15th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £3,650 of £3,500 target with 86 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We can't believe we've hit our original target! Thank you to everyone who is supporting us in getting our project made!

After hitting our original target, where we have covered the main bases for funding the film, our stretch target is set to help boost the production value of the film. Part of this is funding for the best quality scans of our footage, as we are shooting on film. It will also go towards entry fees for the festival circuit once the film is completed and premiered.

'Missed Conceptions' is based in 1990’s London, inspired by the true story of a lesbian couple trying for a baby. 

With the NHS turning their back to helping individuals with ‘untraditional lifestyles’ from having families, our main characters Helen and Ruth concoct an interesting alternative to try for the baby they’ve always wanted. 

After posting a rather attention grabbing advert in an edition of the 'PinkPaper' reading 'Lezzers in Search of Sp*nk', the individuals they attract aren't exactly the sperm donor material they were hoping for.

With Helen feeling maternal and Ruth not wanting to carry, their relationship is put under strain as Helen tries to conceive once they finally find the perfect donor. 

The film explores the fundamentals of all relationships as well as highlighting an issue that has gone, for the most part, untold.

We want to develop their experience for the medium of film and bring light to this inspiring and uplifting story.



'Missed Conceptions' is written and directed by Ruby Parker-Harbord, daughter of the real life Ruth and Helen from the film. 

She has positioned herself well within the realms of films with strong comments on social issues. Her impressive directing debut saw a moving short film piece 'The Right to Remain Silent.' She has subsequently directed short film 'Check' which was long-listed for the Colchester 60 Hour Film Festival in 2015. 

bc321b7972179ff43da5915731c8b32f0ccd74c1Matt Dickinson is the Director of Photography for 'Missed Conceptions.' He passion for the art of cinematography has transpired in developing the craft of shooting on film, which he we will be doing on 'Missed Conceptions.' You can see some stills taken from a recent moving image project he created below.

Heading the producing department is Lewis Bayley. With an aim to create films with social messages, this partnership with writer/director Ruby is a great match. Their common vision for using film to challenge perceptions and create fair representation has been evident every step of the way in the development of 'Missed Conceptions.'

Rae Harm is our First Assistant Director and Casting Director. With several directing gigs under her belt her support in both pre-production and on set is crucial to the smooth running of the film. Her films have strong comedic influences which shine through to strengthen her projects further. We wish to capture this same comedic tone in 'Missed Conceptions.'

Taking on the role of Casting Director, Rae has a clear vision for our lead roles of Ruth and Helen. As a strong advocate for the LGBT community Rae is passionate about our film being respectful and realistic whilst maintaining the film as an entertaining and engaging piece.

Loona Kasemets and Lania Karim are our Production Designers for the film. Together they are finding the locations that sell the period that the film is set in, as well designing every fine detail of Ruth and Helen's world; which includes their home which exudes their bright and creative personalities. 

Also in the Art Department is costume designer Georgia Blake who is keen to help our actors get into character through their costume. Georgia has designed a variation of costumes during her course, including on the stylised period short 'Mobile.' 

Heading our sound department both on production and in post is Declan Galpin. If you've met Declan then you'd know that being quiet can't be easy for him, but Declan has impressively sound designed the majority films produced on the Film Production course over the past three years. 

Another course member who has an impressive number of credits to her name is Karol Cybulski who will be colour grading the film in post production. Ésme Hill will be the crew member taking control on the cutting room floor as our Editor for 'Missed Conceptions.' 

Where does the money go?

Why should you invest in our project?

We want to make the best film we can but we can't fulfil our budget by ourselves. We need others to believe in our project as much as we do and support us in creating it. We have a number of different rewards for different sums of pledges; including an exclusive link to the film once it is made, invitations to screenings of the project, production photography books, DVD/Blu-Ray copies and much more! 

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