Miss Voluptuous UK Beauty Pageant Contestant

by Miss Voluptuous UK 2019 Finalist in Warrington, England, United Kingdom

Miss Voluptuous UK Beauty Pageant Contestant
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I am raising funds to compete in the Miss Voluptuous UK 2019 Beauty Pageant

by Miss Voluptuous UK 2019 Finalist in Warrington, England, United Kingdom

I have been selected as Miss Voluptuous - England- a finalist for the UK title which will take place in September 2019. I am representing mental health as my cause and the chosen charity I am representing is Dress for Success Greater London, an International affiliate of a global charity which empowers women with the tools for economic independence. I myself was a client of dress for success and they were fundamental in my own recovery of mental ill health and have given me the confidence to compete in this pageant. I want to show the world that mental health can affect anyone at anytime and it does not discriminate. It is an invisible disease that slowly drains you of life and although you may look fine from the outside and even dressed up, it hides the very fact of internal suffering behind a smile. I want to be able to create a platform to show I represent that it can happen to anyone and you can live with it and manage it and not give up on life. That you still count as a person and it does not matter your socioeconomic background as we are all human. Our energies must be put into finding solutions and preventative measures and educating people to raise awareness and reduce isolation and this should be implemented at a very young age, so we can break the cycle of shame and stigma. I want to be able to create a platform for both men and women to come forward and speak of their experiences in a safe space as I represent diversity and unity amongst all and how we can be very different people with a lot in common.

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