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Miss Pandora

Every Body for Everybody! Our online fashion store will represent diverse body types so customers can see how their purchase will fit.

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Miss Pandora is every woman!

Ever bought an outfit online that does not quite fit as well as you imagined it would? You know, the Maxi dresses and skirts that are too long and sweep the streets as you walk? The cute little dress that now threatens your modesty and the mighty bane of women’s lives…the huge waist gap on the back of the jeans! What if you could see how clothes fit your body type before your purchase?

Women come in many beautiful heights, shapes and sizes, some of us are busty, some have bottoms to die for, some of us are curvy and some of us are petite or tall. At Miss Pandora, we believe clothes shouldn’t be showcased as a one size fits all. We want to represent every body for everybody and our online fashion store aims to:

· Promote a positive online shopping experience by representing a more diverse range of women.

· Remind women all over the world that they are perfect just the way you are – embrace that!

· Make online shopping as easy and pain-free as possible and try to provide you with as much information (such as full measurements) as possible so you can make an informed decision about your purchase.


The Market 

Online retail expenditure in the UK is forecast to grow by 44.9% in the coming five years to reach £62.7bn by 2020 with online retailers enjoying a strong start to 2016. According to a report by ONS, the average weekly spending online in February 2016 was £870.8 million; this was an increase of 12.3% compared with February 2015 with clothing and footwear sales accounting for 13.9% of all online retail sales. Clothing and footwear sales have seen a year on year sales increase of 10.5%.The UK has the most frequent online shoppers in Europe and the developed world. An official report found that 64% of 25 to 34-year-olds to be regular users of online shopping, notably on smartphones, with nine out of 10 people aged 25 to 34 having shopped online. The online retail industry is very profitable and still growing from strength to strength.

This would be a perfect opportunity for Miss Pandora to capitalise on this growing shopping trend, the desire to find affordable, high quality and trendy items at a touch of a button and deliver exceptional products and services to a customer base that has an insatiable taste for new fashion.


The Market Gap

One of the main hurdles of online shopping is you have no idea how a garment will fit or flow on your body. Unlike traditional high street stores, you are unable to try on an item. Online retailers tend to use the same size models for their collections with similar features; usually over 5’11 tall.  Although retailers offer plus size options, women simply do not come in size tall and plus size, our bodies are a lot more beautifully complex and unique! Our approach will be to use different types of models as women come in many shapes and sizes. This will give a more detailed guide to the buyer how an item will look and what clothing/colours may flatter their body type.



Target Market

The target market will be 16-30 years old. The typical Miss Pandora customer will be young, very fashion conscious and will be on the lookout for new and affordable fashion. The target customers are fashionable and trendy consumers who see shopping as a social activity providing pleasure in their daily life. They acquire the most fashionable clothes each season and want to follow the trends without investing a lot of money. 


Use models with different body types to showcase items. Models will represent 6 body types;

  • Busty, Curvy, Hourglass, Pearshape, Petite and Slim

  • Use of short videos to showcase the garment fit and flow. Videos will be shoot at the time of photoshoots

  • Stocking the latest trends that will appeal to our target market and our target market’s lifestyle including celebrity inspired styles

  • Stock affordable clothes that are well made and durable

  • Create a beautiful website that is easy to use

  • Offer customers exceptional customer service

  • Offer competitive shipping rates

  • Keep low overheads 

If we win:

Winning the competition would inject funding that would enable us to:

  • Invest in more stock 

  • Launch brand awareness including the use of Fashion PR

  • Launch bigger advertising campaigns

  • Re-design the website to be in sync with the brand

  • Hire various models in our new campaigns

  • Hire professional photographers and creative/campaign managers


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