Virtual classroom- online teaching during COVID19.

by Natalie Durazzo Campbell in Maplehurst, England, United Kingdom

Virtual classroom- online teaching during COVID19.
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A teacher and founder of the U.K.V.C - United Kingston virtual classroom. A real time, on-line virtual school/classrooms run by volunteers

by Natalie Durazzo Campbell in Maplehurst, England, United Kingdom

U.K.V.C - United Kingston virtual classroom. A real time, on-line virtual school/classrooms run by volunteer qualified teachers during the COVID19 U.K. lockdown.

CALLING INVESTORS and all potential investors/philanthropists.


Location: U.K. wide - Online 

Do you know a qualified teacher OR

someone who would invest and would love to help children and parents educate the nation

children during these social distancing times?

UKVC - Online Education

My name is Natalie Campbell , founder of the concept of UKVC (United Kingdom Virtual Classroom)- looking to educate the nation during usual U.K. school hours specifically during self isolation and quarantine throughout the Covid19 outbreak. 

Investors- let’s do some good and get this off the ground!

Teachers- join me for the UKVC online school, let’s come together and make sure the children of this country still get an education and have a routine. If you can spare an hour a day for a lesson for usual class size of approx 30 children using a virtual classroom, get in touch. 

Core aims of UKVC are;

- educating our children that are not able to be at school during this time 

-having a routine similar to school hours 

-keeping children motivated and out of trouble whilst in self isolation quarantine or their total school closures 

- with all of the above to make sure their mental health is in check as much as it can be by still engaging with others during social distancing (and not just via online gaming or social media) in an online classroom setting

- making sure vulnerable children that won’t be going to school, (as long as they have access to the internet) can have some form of structure and access to teachers and safeguarding adults should they need it

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