Miskolc Spider Special Rescue Team

Miskolc Spider Special Rescue Team

The Miskolc Spider Special Rescue Team needs a new ambulance car. Their current car is very old they need a new one to do their work.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Spider Special Rescue Team from Miskolc is a rescue team whose members help using their own money and their own time to help people at places that were stroked by disasters, catastrophes and earthquakes.  

Their most memorable member was Mancs, a male German sheperd, who has a statue in Miskolc, Hungary. His name means "paw". Mancs and his owner, László Lehóczki, took part in several earthquake rescue missions, including the 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador and India. Mancs became famous when he helped to rescue a 3-year-old girl who spent 82 hours under the ruins after the izmit earthquake of 1999 in Turkey.  

In 2015, his rescue team was awarded the European Citizen's Prize for their 20 years of work in saving lives.

Now, the team needs a new van as their old van is falling apart and is very old. As they help others in need, let's help them also when they are in need.