Mishti Puraan Cambridge for Pulwama victims

by Indian Bengalis in UK in London, England, United Kingdom

Mishti Puraan Cambridge for Pulwama victims
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Stand for and Stand by India

by Indian Bengalis in UK in London, England, United Kingdom

In the wake of the recent terror attack on our CRPF Jawans back in Pulwama, IBUK as the representative of the Indian Bengali diaspora in UK has decided that it is time when everyone in this group should stand up and stand by India.

Let’s all come forward as India needs us in all our capacities!

The time for talks are over, it’s time for all of us to show that no matter how far we are from our motherland, we are there when she needs us!

Let the jawans do their bit as we do ours !

Please note that we will donate our funds to www.bharatkeveer.gov.in

Let's make 'Mishti Puraan Cambridge for Pulwama victims' happen