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Support our new touring physical theatre piece RED inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and Dante's Inferno, Be prepared this is no fairytale.

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Support our new touring physical theatre piece RED, inspired by the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Be prepared though, this is definitely not a fairytale!


Mischief Company is breathing new life into the classic narrative Little Red Riding Hood, with a new piece of energetic and provocative physical theatre. Through intricate storytelling, intense performances and dark humour, Mischief leads you through the forest and into the world of RED. This is definitely not a fairy tale!

 Exploring the darker side of this classic fairy tale, RED is influenced by Dante’s Inferno. As you watch the three central characters Red, The Wolf & The Devil embark on a journey of love, sacrifice and betrayal, you are cleverly drawn into their world. Davids unique style can have you both howling with laughter and crying with sadness. It’s often a rollercoaster of emotions.

 The journey into the relationship between Red and The Wolf sees Red consumed by the forest, as she takes a dark and misleading pathway to Granny’s house. You will be engrossed as the relationship descends into an animalistic madness compounded by manipulation and control; lovers take actions into their own hands and these actions have unforeseen consequences. But who is real in this fairy tale and who has been brought along for the ride?

 RED is daring and dark, combining physical movement with an electrifying sound score by sound designer Will Tonna and director David Lloyd. Exploring the darker side of this classic fairy tale, RED is an evening of slick movement, bold theatrical imagery & pounding music that absorbs the audiences from the outset!

 “The piece took me through a rollercoaster of emotion, which were linked seamlessly. Strong characters and development throughout.” Audience feedback RED - Trailer Version.

We Need You

Since 2013, Artistic Director David Lloyd has been exploring the development of original story telling through narrative physical theatre, trying to blur the lines between the contemporary/dance world and the commercial theatre world. David believes that film has such an impact on its viewer, why not make theatre that does the same to its audiences.

Mischief is a small company with big ambitions, therefore we need support from a variety of sources; commissioning funds, performance fees, Arts Council England project funding, grants from trusts and foundations, in-kind support from partner organizations and donations from people like you.

The Final creation Phase of RED begins August this year. Your investment now, will:

  • Assist David to have more time and space to work with 3 performers
  • Contribute to cost of set and lighting collaboration and transport through creation and tour
  • Help provide more time for workshops development with the dancers
  • Support the company to have a more flexible budget during their creation and tour period

“Red riding hood crossed with ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ set in the modern day London club scene” Audience feedback RED 2015 sharing

About the Company

Based in Kent, Mischief is the brainchild of David Lloyd, Natascha Metherell and Helen Kumar whose desire is to assemble an international creative team to produce bold, sharp and dynamic works.

Taking theatrical movement as the starting point, choreographer David Lloyd’s works have been in collaboration with dramaturge Natascha Metherell, interweaving movement and storytelling to create exciting and innovative physical theatre productions targeting audiences from all backgrounds, especially those new to theatre.

David Lloyd is currently an associate artist of Pavilion Dance South West and The University of Cumbria, with further support from Jasmin Vardimon Company. He has been supported by Arts Council England through the Grants for the Arts programme.

“Outstanding physical theatre – storytelling at its darkest and most intriguing” Audience feedback RED ‘Trailer Version’

RED – Production and Tour

RED’s creative team have been working hard to make this a visually extravagant piece, with set designer Nicolai Hart and Lighting Designer Ed Yetton working hard to create a set and lighting design that will appeal to your senses. RED premieres at Pavilion Dance South West in September and following this will embark on a southeast regional tour from September – November 2017, touring to venues in Bishops Stortford, Canterbury, Cambridge, Crawley and Colchester. We are looking for your support to ensure that this tour will happen and that we have the time and resources to make it the best it can be.

“I was moved to laughter and tears.” Audience feedback RED ‘Trailer version’

 RED – Education and workshop program

Mischief Company are dedicated to engaging with the tour venues and education centres along their journey. They have extensive experience of working with students and have an ambitious and enlightening attitude to teaching. Workshops will be led by dancers within the company who are experienced in delivering high quality work and we are passionate about creating opportunities. 

The ‘RED’ workshops were outstanding. All of our students were delighted with the experience and all commented on the exciting content, repertoire and excellent teaching skills of David Lloyd and dancer Darragh Butterworth.” Gill Roncarelli Head of dance at University of Cumbria


Any donation, whether big or small, will help us to captivate audiences, inspire new learning with workshops catering for narrative physical theatre. We seek to inspire discussion and build partners for new company work to be shown nationally and internationally through the country to new theatre audiences.


RED is commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West. We would like to thank Arts Council England and our other supporters, The University of Cumbria and Jasmin Vardimon Company.


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