Deliver workshops about safe driving & road regulations. Build a mobile app to connect new learners with qualified driving instructors.

We did it!

On 23rd Jan 2018 we successfully raised £535 with 28 supporters in 61 days

Miream is a social enterprise mobile app that will ease the pressure, assist new learner and special needs drivers to find a suitable driving instructor. Users can book, pay and manage their lessons on the app.

Learners will have full access to the driving instructor’s profile which covers details such as:

  • The area(s) covered
  • Car adaptation
  • Years of professional experience
  • Language(s) they speak
  • Previous reviews & Prices

We’ll be running workshops in the borough (colleges, youth centers, community centers etc.), about safe driving, road safety and road regulation, focusing on subjects such as drinking, texting while driving and the damage it can cost and bring people who've been touched by loss, injury or sanction relating to any form of reckless driving to speak of their experiences with our targeted groups of young learner drivers.

All instructors must have a registered account, provide proof a picture of their ADI BADGE and FULL DRIVING LICENSE before the account is to be activated.

Instructors catering for special needs users will have a sign on their profile for easy recognition.


The unique element of Miream is that the app is tailored to meet the needs of each individual - as well as giving all users direct access to driving instructors; the app also delivers the following:

  • Q&A based on UK road regulations and practical test preparation.
  • Quizzes, which delve deeper into teaching users about road safety and basic car maintenance. 
  • Short videos to prepare users for their practical test.
  • A forum where users can ask any driving related questions.

The app has the scope to grow into a tool for new and existing drivers to continue to test their knowledge of all things automotive from learning to drive, right through car maintenance and road safety.

The Problem Vs The Solutions

The problem is finding a driving instructor.




The Solution "Miream" find a driving instructor.

Search For a driving Instructor & Look at their profile.


Book & Pay for a lesson And receive a confirmation message.


How will the funds be used?

We are budgeting for the expenses shown below

If we exceed our crowdfunding goal, we will use those funds to add new features in the future and grow the app across the country.

The Impact

By contributing to this project you're not supporting a large corporation but a social enterprise.

The aim is to provide our users with an app that will not only give them access to qualified driving instructor but also an online community where they can ask any driving related questions. We are happy to work with carers caring for our special need users.

 Those who may struggle with language will have access to instructors that speak different languages. Our passion is to help new learners find a suitable driving instructor and bring safe driving to a wider audience.


Here is a brief timeline of how the app development will proceed once it is funded:

Risks and challenges

We face many obstacles being a social enterprise but we believe by spreading our story, message and why we are building this app that's what makes us unique and different.

Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute financially but want to support, you can still help! 

You can support us by getting the word out and making some noise about our campaign. 

Use the share tools to promote our campaign. We appreciate your support and thank you for reading this far!

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