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We are striving to bring about positive change in the housing sector, by building Accredited Active House homes and developing eco systems

by Miracles by Deisgn in Newhaven, England, United Kingdom

Crowdfunding for Miracles by Design


How would you like to be involved in a truly revolutionary eco housing development? How would it feel to be able to say that you had been part of the start of a new way of healthy living? How would it be if you were part of a group of people who believed in a new financial paradigm, where owning your own home meant making money instead of losing money? 

We are building the first ever Active House homes in the UK - a step up from the well known PassiveHaus design. We are building with peoples' physical health in mind, aswell as their financial health and the wellbeing of the environment. The global community has a chance to drastically reduce carbon emissions produced by households. Our solution: everyone will go green when living in an eco home becomes a profitable activity.  

 Our current building with eco cladding1601912099_the_side_of_the_active_house_home_using_cladding.jpg

Our Deep Green Eco Systems

  • Help turn bills into income and savings
  • Enhance health

Bills are Design Flaws

  • We reduce, eliminate or turn bills into income
  • We have designed an entirely new type of home with income and savings that pays its own mortgage in 20 years

 Humayun Khan, Director of Miracles by Design1601912139_director_humayun_khan.jpg


Miracles by Design is a development company specialising in eco housing, which brings multiple solutions to modern problems. Humayun Khan, Director of Miracles by Design, has spent the past 12 years creating solutions to the problems that he could see from the existing model of building homes. 

We pride ourselves on the long list of health benefits to homeowners that our innovative eco systems bring, throughout the homes in our current building, in Newhaven, East Sussex, which is an area of high deprivation. 

Humayun has created a new financial model of buying a property, where homeowners can gain profit over time. This will have huge impact in positively addressing financial inequalities for homeowners in the UK.

Specialist Danish windows arrive1601912351_danish_windows_arrive.jpg

Financial and health benefits for homeowners and positive eco solutions:

  • 74.3% reduction in energy consumption when compared to an average home, this equals to a £2,060 savings a year on energy bills. 
  • Energy generation from the solar PV system can be increased using mirrors, making the system more energy and cost effective.
  • 100% household carbon footprint is offset using a combination of conscious building materials, eco systems and solar power. 100% carbon offset concrete has been used in our foundations and retaining walls. 
  • Bioremediation Vertical Green Walls: an innovative air cleaning system, that turns the running cost into savings. £450 a year typical cost of a comparable high-end mechanical system.  1 second fresh, nutrient dense food equal to £500 per year of free food per home; this will include a vertical herbal apothecary of 30 plants in each home. The bioremediation vertical green walls will also increase the amount of oxygen in homes to roughly 24%. 
  • A world first, new Greywater System which is more cost effective than others on the market.  This system allows for a 40% reduction in water bills and consumption, at 1/5 of the cost of existing systems, whilst taking up no useable space. Savings for the home are roughly £120 per year per toilet (2 toilets in each home). 
  • Reducing Electro Magnetic Frequencies which are believed to be disruptive to health – using a Faraday cage and higher insulated power cables.  
  • Bioremediation hedge outside the building, which could be many times more effective at cleaning the air than a normal hedge and provides a habitat for wildlife and flowers for bees.
  • Increasing indoor daylight: south facing windows are 7.8 metres wide, from just above the floor to the ceiling. 
  • Two O3 appliances: a fridge that keeps food fresher for longer and a washing machine with a function similar to dry cleaning.
  • O3 devices to disinfect bathrooms and kitchens with a motion detector. 99.98% of bacteria killed.
  • The Annex with ten functions: multifunctional, multi-generational, flexible, easily adaptable with the changing needs of a lifetime and a great income source for homeowners to be rented out.

The 2 bedroom flats are designed as lifetime homes and each one includes an additional 1 bedroom self contained annex – a rental unit that could be used for an older parent, a son or daughter's first home, or simply rented out; which, when combined with the income from the large array of solar panels and savings from water and indoor food production, means that residents could live mortgage free over time.


We are near the completion of the build and we are seeking crowdfunding to install our Greywater system, O3 Anti Bacteria appliances and Water Conditioner. We are also seeking funding for our Bioremediation hedges, an EMF reduction system and fire safety for our Annex units. As a small company, we have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and although we have managed to access a Government Bounce Back Loan, it hasn't covered all of what we need to complete this build. We need to raise a total of £141,000 for all of these to be possible.

Our Greywater system due to be installed here1601912215_humayun_showing_where_the_greywater_system_will_be_installed.jpg


This project is worthy of crowdfunding because it offers an innovative model of affordable housing during a time when inequalities for low income homeowners needs to be rebalanced. If this build is to be successful in providing affordable homes which generate income, then we need to ensure that not only the house prices remain affordable but that we also keep the running costs low. 

The development could also provide opportunities for apprentices or students to gain invaluable experience in working on an environmentally sensitive, affordable housing development. This is very much an investment by donors in a leading eco house build, which not only benefits the community it's built in but also enables more Active House homes to be built in other areas. Once this build is completed, we plan to develop a high-rise block in Brighton, East Sussex, with similar designs and eco systems installed and with community cohesion as a key aspect of the project.

We believe that our development will stand to be a leading light in the eco house build sector, giving way to larger developments across Sussex and the UK. We are also very keen to share design ideas so that other developers can learn from our model of eco housing. In this way, the good work we are doing to redress inequalities for homeowners and bring solutions to climate change through designs which reduce household emissions, can extend to other places and more people as time goes on. Contributing to the intention of this evolving, we believe, is also worthy of crowdfunding.

For more information about our designs and current build, please visit www.miraclesbydesign.co.uk


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