Minority Sports Initiative C.I.C. ( Multi Rink)

Minority Sports Initiative C.I.C. ( Multi Rink)

The First Multi use rolling and minority sports facility for the Southwest UK. Aligning with the rest of the UK

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


Rink Location to be in Plymouth, central the whole Southwest. Devon and Cornwall area. 

Rolling sports are great fun to both take part in and watch, they are fast and exciting. Roller skating uses all of your senses and core muscles and is a great way for men, women and children of all ages to stay fit, active and alert their senses. From Roller skating to Roller sports is a great progression link to sports for children who dont like mainstream sports. Here in the Southwest we struggle to compete nationally or engage the full potential of current skating men, women and children to progress into a sport.

All though there are many skaters and places to skate there is NOT a dedicated rink for all sports to showcase their roller sports dicispline and whats possible for recreatioinal skaters. This new facility will be open to the general public to come and skate on most evenings and weekends. For kids there will be summer camps and coaching sessions for their chosen rolling sport. It can be booked for parties and special events and will be available for school events i.e. end of term parties etc. It can host national and international competitions bringing a great deal of business to the area. It will be available for clubs to book hours slots to train in, develop and coach their kids and bring youth into the roller sports. The facility will eventually have a cafe and bar area so on general skating times parents can sit have a drink and watch if they don't fancy rolling!!

The reason this facility is unigue? It will put any profits after all running cost back into GRASS ROOTS ROLLER/MINORITY SPORTS. (decided by MSI sports committee, made up of ALL disciplines)

Europe and the US excel in roller skating sports as they have an abundance of dedicated safe facilities to train, coach and develop in. We have block built sports/leisure centres with 5 a side goals fixed to low levels and dividing curtains hanging at the sides. Or larger halls with half block and half low barrier for you to hit hard or break your bones on. Skating in sport is fast and we need a suitable flexi wall in case of impact. We can change this with the installation of safe mulit use rinks. We just need the communities help! Your Help. The Southwest already has a huge skating community across all ages. SO!!  Its a great way to engage children, men and women into a sport from their general love of skating. Portsmouth, Newport Shropshire, Sheffiled and Manchester and now Cardiff all see a healthy skating community and compete well nationally and internationally due to having rinks. Its Proven it increases participation acrosss all genres of rolling sports at all age levels.

This is a low cost to completion facility. It would cost local councils in excess of £1million to build this from the ground. Yet with the location we have ear marked and the funding, we could have this facility up and running and 3 months at a cost of just over £50k. £100'000 would see it open as completed centre of excellence. At Minority Sports Initiative we are passionate about getting children active and children love to skate. To progress in rolling sports and become recognised as a great sporting region we need this SAFE facility where spectators can see the spectacle that is. Rolling Sports. Together we can make it happen It would be a Roller "Wembley arena" of the Southwest, once completed,for young children to be inspired to enjoy sports. The Southwest needs it to develop diversity into rolling sport acheivement nationally.

Help me to bring this to you. I currently represent Great Britian Master Inline Hockey and have excelled due to having the benefit of training on an actual rink. Lets inspire!!


This first round of funidng is to jump start the Grant/partnership funding and Council sports match funding. Its time to show our desire to make change