MINI Racing with Alex

MINI Racing with Alex

Help me realise my childhood dream of going motor racing, get some great perks as a reward, and help sick children and babies!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is not a project that has a great social goal. There are many such projects you will find here and elsewhere that are deserving of your backing if that's what you're looking for. But if you clicked here, I’m hoping you have an interest in supporting grassroots motorsport.

If so, I hope you will consider backing me in a long-held ambition to go racing and to compete in the sport that I’ve loved since I was a small child. 

So far, through my own resources and some private sponsorship, I’ve raised over half my budget for the season, including the purchase of the car. But even at the level I’m competing at, this is an expensive business, so I’m looking for some backing. I wouldn’t want this to be seen as charity, so I hope you’ll think the rewards worthwhile, and take advantage of them if you decide to contribute.

The series I’m hoping to compete in is the MINI challenge - increasingly being seen as a feeder series to the British Touring Car Championship, but also a popular series in its own right, being televised to an audience of 177,000 last year, with many thousands more attending the events. You can read more about it at , or by searching for Mini Challenge on Facebook.

The cars themselves are fantastic to drive (and watch) with three closely controlled classes providing for close and exciting racing throughout the field. With some of the perks available on the right, you can get much closer to the action than you otherwise would, and experience a little of what I will hopefully be in the privileged position of doing.

Along with your chance to get your name on a racing car, and hospitality packages, I can offer passenger rides in the car, and even the chance to drive it. As I work out more about what I can offer, and hopefully secure some more commercial backing, I should be able to add to the list of rewards.

Having sponsored others in the past, I know how much it adds to the experience as a fan of motorsport to have a stake in the action. Thank you for considering supporting me in my goals. I hope I can make it worth your while.

NEW! - If I hit my funding target, I will donate 10% of the amount raised to The Grand Appeal - the Bristol Children's Hospital charity - raising money to transform the lives of sick babies and children at the Hospital and Special Care Baby Unit.