Mini-Festival & Cream Tea for The Elderly

by The 10,000 Hours Foundation in Walton, England, United Kingdom

Mini-Festival & Cream Tea for The Elderly
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A Mini-Festival for the Elderly - fighting loneliness through voluntary work

by The 10,000 Hours Foundation in Walton, England, United Kingdom

HI THERE! We are The 10,000 Hours Foundation, supporting communities and those in need through organising voluntary projects.


We are coming together with Creamfields Festival, Warrington Borough Council and 20 volunteers to take over Walton Parish Hall and create a very special day for the local elderly community.

We will be turning the hall into a mini-festival where 80 elderly guests will be treated to a Cream Tea, musical bingo, face painting, line dancing, plate spinning lessons, live entertainment AND a virgin cocktail bar. That's not to metion getting to spend the day with our volunteers recruited from Creamfields Festival who will be waiting on them the entire day!

We are working with Warrington Borough Council and local transport providers to invite and bring our guests from various residences from across the Creamfields Festival area.


Almost three quarters of older people suffer from loneliness in the UK....

.. more than half have never spoken to anyone about how they feel.

Whilst problems such as poverty and homelessness are clear to see, loneliness is a huge problem in the UK but one that is largely hidden from view. Many people can become isolated in older age, when family & friends have moved away. This results in very little communication or enagement with the outside world, something that we aim to tackle with this project.

“Everyone can play a part in ending loneliness among older people in their communities by simply starting a conversation with those around you"


Our aim is not just to support those who need it most, but also connect young people with volunteering and being a part of local social cause projects. We aim to promote the experience of volunteering and the incredible feeling of making a difference.

We are recruiting our volunteers with help from Creamfields Festival through their social media. Volunteers will be there on the day from start to finish - setting up, waiting on tables, being a part of the entertainment, but most importantly interacting and engaging with our guests. Just a simple conversation can make a huge difference!


We need your support to make this happen. Your pledge will go toward:

  • Venue Hire
  • Decorations
  • Food & Drink
  • Transport
  • Promotional costs
  • Insurance
  • Photographer/videographer


It's important that we not only make a difference on the day, but that we facilitate longer term benefits. These include:

  • Working with Warrington Borough Council to make our guests aware of the services and facilities available to them in the local area. We will be publicising film clubs, music clubs, social groups, community hub facilities, all of which older people in the are can access for free.
  • Connecting our young volunteers with Warrington Borough Council Community Outreach Team so that they can continue volunteering in Warrington beyond our project.
  • We will also be keeping in touch with all our volunteers to become a part of our 'Heroes' programme which will be starting in 2018. Our Heroes programme trains volunteers to give them the skills and knowledge to run their own volunteer projects and we have been succesfully running this programme for three years in Europe.
  • Setting the ground to do a bigger event next year at Walton Hall which has a larger capacity, gardens and band stand, so that we can bring more people together and make this something that grows year on year.


The 10,000 HOURS foundation promotes voluntary work amongst festival & event lovers all over the world. We thrive on the sense of unity that we experience at festivals. Using today’s positive forces to achieve a better tomorrow.

Together with festivals, DJ’s or artists, 10,000 HOURS organizes volunteer projects, a meaningful way of having fun together. One day we are fishing plastic trash from our canals, the next we’re helping out in nursing homes for the elderly. We inform our volunteers about local challenges, so that they can donate time to be a part of the solution.

This enables visitors of festivals to contribute to meaningful projects. Together we’ve already donated more than 35,000 hours of voluntary work. And we’re always working to complete the next 10,000 hours.

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