Minerva Scientifica "The Franklin Effect" on CD

Electric Voice Theatre MUST record this music from a ground breaking women scientists and composers project, inspired by Rosalind Franklin.

We did it!

On 1st Jun 2016 we successfully raised £3,585 of £3,500 target with 71 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

We set ourselves a target of £3,500 because we thought that was what we could realistically raise to cover the artist, engineer and post-production costs.  Amazingly we have achieved £3,500 already - thanks to your amazing help.  We are somewhat overwhelmed!  

But the REAL shortfall we need to cover is actually a further £1,460 - making a total of £4,960.  This would include other costs for the CDs, the venue and travel for the team.  Your extra support now would cover these costs and really and truly fund the real cost of the CDs.   Thank you for all your help so far and please do dig deep to enable us to keep these important new pieces alive. Thank you!

We are:


We’re a world class contemporary music theatre ensemble.

And we’re fanatical about getting everyone to join the adventure that is new music.

 Over the past four years we’ve been raising awareness of women composers and scientists as part of our evolving music-theatre programme

  Minerva Scientifica

Minerva Scientifica explores:

  • how music can communicate and inspire scientific ideas
  • and how sciences can inspire and communicate musical ideas.


The project boasts a series of performances of new work by women composers including:


Judith Bingham, Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Lynne Plowman, Shirley Thompson,

Kate Whitley and Karen Wimhurst 

Have a look here at what we got up to last year!


 and celebrates some extraordinary women scientists:

 Mary Anning (Victorian fossil collector and palaeontologist) 

Caroline Herschel (discovered 8 comets)

 Mary Sommerville (astronomer & mathematician)

Jocelyn Bell-Burnell (the first to observe and analyse the pulsars)

 Miriam Rothschild (eminent entomologist) 

Anne McLaren (work leading to the birth of the first test tube baby)02aa30b961c38395b902c9bfacf093f0.jpg

Eva Crane (an expert on bees) 

Williamina Fleming (astronomer)

Hildegard von Bingen (musician, healer, herbalist and writer)

Ada Lovelace (wrote the first computer programme) 




And Right Now ...

 We are coming to the end of a successful two year project at King’s College London -  supported using public funding by Arts Council England, and by the Cultural Institute at King’s.

Here's our wonderful King's Team



 “The Franklin Effect” – was inspired by King’s alumnae Rosalind Franklin – molecular biologist and crystallographer, whose photo 51 was the key to unlocking the mystery of the structure of DNA.

(Photo of evt singer Penny Desbruslais as Rosalind Franklin) 



 This is a unique collaboration between

  • 4 women composers (mentored by Judith Weir – Master of the Queen’s Music)
  • 4 female scientists from King’s - and -
  • 4 singers from electric voice theatre


You can read more about it and watch some videos here


 But it’s too good to end it here!

We want to capture the music and the performances on CD.

This really matters because women composers need evidence of their excellence, and a good recording will help take their work to wider audiences, new promoters and commissioners.

It will be a great resource for schools and colleges too, especially those who are already working with us - like Pakeman Primary School, Islington below:



Not forgetting how important it is to electric voice theatre to have high quality recordings that can be broadcast, and used to promote further projects.

 We are lucky that an excellent independent label - First Hand Records -  are going to help us do this. They will produce and distribute the CD with a booklet which will be full of fascinating insights on the project with on-line downloads and information too.



to get the last bit of money in place and make our dream a reality.


 We need to raise £3,500

in order to be able to go ahead with our plans to record Minerva Scientifica.


We have the music.

 The singers have not only learnt the notes - 

 but are continuing to perform them in their own unique style.

 Time is running out....

our crowdfunding appeal only runs until 31st May.

So…..Please Join the crowd and help us get this CD made!


 We are really grateful for your support, and we want to say thank you in true electric voice theatre style .... with some unusual #Franklin Effect Rewards that bring you closer to the project.


Every donation counts *

Just £5 gets you a thank you tweet

Any one donating £50 will receive a copy of the CD before the official release

Anyone donating £150 could find themselves at a Minerva Scientifica Workshop with some of the composers and Master of the Queen’s Music, Judith Weir

One lucky donor (£250) will receive a hand written score by the composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad

 And don’t forget to share on Facebook or Twitter – it all helps us spread the word




PS - we’re still creating new Minerva Scientifica projects up and down the UK – look out for us in Newcastle, Warwick, Bournemouth, Edinburgh Fringe and the British Science Association Festival in Swansea........ and that’s just this year!


*Please note – all rewards are limited – so first come first served!

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