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MindSafe, a Personal Social Media where you own your story. It's what makes you - "YOU". Supporting children’s mental wellbeing.

by CharlotteHodivala&DrLizEngland in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

MindSafe, An Essential Support 

MindSafe, An Essential Support

1 in 10 children suffer from poor mental health and many more are at risk of poor mental wellbeing. 

1 in 4 children suffer from diagnosable mental stress. 

These children and adolescents need a safe space, where they can access help in this digital world they are growing up in.

Through contributing to this not for profit project you will enable us to deliver MindSafe into 7 participating schools in Birmingham. Working with clinical and national experts and the participating schools we will deliver MindSafe to children this academic year.

MindSafe offers a safe space for children to vent their feelings and emotions, to document their experiences and do regular mental wellbeing check-ins in their private personal media account.

Children and adolescents who are at risk desperately require a safe, private outlet for their mental well being experiences, their worries and joys, fears and hopes. One that has the potential to support evaluation and care either now or in the future.

MindSafe is a safe, private space which assists children to document and vent their experiences, it can also guide and advise them. This tool has the potential to work alongside supporting services such as schools, health or social services and allows children to explain their experiences without having to re-live abusive or distressing events.

Universal promotion of MindSafe offers opportunities to implement mental wellbeing and early intervention strategies, which could contribute towards improving mental resilience in children.

Simple tactics such as the “Help” button instigate practical support beyond the account. If you reach out a basic summary of and most recent additions to your MindSafe account will be sent to the person the child has previously identified as their trusted adult in their profile, such as a parent, teacher, carer or trusted family friend, this can also be to an independent support service.

MindSafe can be an essential part of children’s care and wellbeing. It can assist in identifying those who may be at risk. It can also access help for those who need it, when they want it, by linking to crisis support.

Universal promotion of MindSafe supports intervention and prevention to improve child and adolescent mental wellbeing and resilience. Whatever their age, whatever their situation, wherever they are they are empowered to take action, get help and have a chance at a bright future.

A child asks for help, a trusted adult supporter gets the information, they help the child.

No need to repeat or explain themselves.

No fear or risk of bullying.

The child gets help, gets action, gets support.

Widespread use of MindSafe also encourgages normalising children taking control and awareness of their own mental wellbeing, evaluating their needs and asking for help. It puts them in control of their own story.

Your contribution to this not for profit project will enable us to deliver MindSafe into 7 participating schools in Birmingham. Working with clinical and national experts and the participating schools we will deliver MindSafe  to children this academic year.

We will ensure full co-participation with the children on the development of this tool so their voice is heard in the development process and their tool truly meets their wants and needs.

Any additional funding you help us raise will go towards bringing MindSafe to more schools, supporting more children.


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In supporting this venture you are supporting making a positive change to the way the next generation approach their mental wellbeing. To anyone pledging £250 or me we will feature your name or company logo on our Supporters page, showing your commitment children’s mental wellbeing and resilience, essential building blocks for their lives.

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