Minds Alike - The future of mental health

by Connor Love in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Minds Alike - The future of mental health
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I'm raising money to help with a business start up. Minds Alike will revolutionize the way mental health is perceived and treated.

by Connor Love in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

I am creating this crowdfund as a last resort of accessing the finances required to start up my business idea. 

Having suffered from both depression and anxiety, I was signed off of work for a long period last year, resulting in my termination from work, due to my absence. With no idea of what to do or what my next steps were, I developed a strong urge to develop something that's going to benefit many other people and prevent them from going through what I went through in the workplace. 

After a short period of time, I had the concept of Minds Alike and began to pursue the finances required for a business start up, and this is where I hit a roadblock.

Unfortunately and regrettably, whilst I was suffering with my mental health, I developed a gambling addiction as a form of escape. This resulted in me accumulating many thousands of pounds worth of debt, along with a credit score that was quite frankly, shot to bits. 

Due to my credit score and bank statements, no bank or lender understandable didn't want to come near me with any kind of loan, which has left me with an amazing idea, but no financial backing to get the business launched, so here I am now, hoping to raise the required funds to create something that's going to make a difference.


The idea of my business is as follows: 

Minds Alike has been developed to revolutionize mental health in the workplace. We will work with businesses, allowing 'Free access' for all of their employees to private mental health care, eliminating long NHS wait lists and high 'Private' Fee's.

It is reported that more than 16 million people in the UK suffer from mental illness, the biggest forms being depression and anxiety. Treatment is available for free on the NHS, but the wait lists are long, lasting months, sometimes years at a time. Private counselling/therapy is widely available but comes with a heavy cost that many people simply cannot afford.

Minds Alike has been created to combat the issue and provide fast, free access to private counselling/therapy, paid for by their employer (Yearly contracts will be in place), allowing all of their employees FREE access to private mental health services, provided by Minds Alike. 

Many people within the workplace will be in the same position I was in, and it should never be like that. Mental health is SO important and having this access to private mental health care at no cost to themselves, really will change the way mental health is viewed and treated within a workplace.

Each person that uses this service will be taken care of from point of contact, right through to reintegration back into the workplace. 

This is of course a very basic overview of what I'm trying to achieve, but I am very much willing to provide individuals that see an interest in this with any information they require. 

The time for change is now!

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