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by Mindfulness Support Service in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

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The delivery of mindfulness and meditation group courses to support individuals and families affected by domestic abuse and violence.

by Mindfulness Support Service in Stevenage, England, United Kingdom


Mindfulness Support Service launched in summer 2019 as a not for profit community interest company. 

We provide much needed wellbeing support to vulnerable families and individuals affected by domestic abuse and violence. 

We are appealing for help to raise £4230 to cover our core running costs. This will enable us to support 210 at risk adults and children in our first year of operation across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.

We deliver group sessions on mindfulness, meditation and reflection to victims, children who witness abuse, perpetrators and youth identified as at risk.

Funding opportunities in the UK are scarce due to the economic climate. This results in a shortage of relevant services for individuals and families. Our mindfulness courses offer practical tools for the recovery and prevention from domestic abuse. 

The organisation has four core aims: 

  • Prevent the generational cycle of abuse from reoccurring by supporting youth identified as at risk of perpetrating violence
  •  Prevent the short-term and long-term effects on children
  •  Prevent perpetrators from reoffending
  •  Prevent survivors from returning to abusive relationships.


1.3 million women and 685,000 men experience domestic abuse every year. 

The government identifies domestic abuse and the witnessing of violence and crime to be a key factor of mental health issues amongst children and adults. 

They are often left unable to process the emotions around the trauma they have experienced. 


Children who witness abuse have an increased likelihood of entering abusive relationships as adults or perpetrating violence in other forms. 

Emerging evidence is showing a direct link between knife crime amongst young people and those who have witnessed domestic abuse as children.

It is therefore essential that we support children to live lives free from abuse and to support children who witness abuse to overcome and manage their trauma.


The practice of mindfulness offers the skills to observe reactivity, work with emotions and track thinking. Mindfulness contributes to calm and equanimity. It decreases anxiety levels, develops emotional processing and cultivates empathy for others.


Over year one, we aim to run a minimum of 21 groups and support 210 individuals in total. 

Groups run weekly for 8 weeks and are between one and two hours long depending on the age group. 


We have support from the local authority for the project and are due to run our first group in November 2019. 

Mindfulness Support Service has additional running costs and overheads that need to be covered to ensure we can deliver all planned groups over the next year.


  • Database: £1700 per year
  • Admin/payroll/accountant fees approx. £1000 per year
  • Insurance £150 per year
  • Telephone £300 per year
  • Office space: 3 months free then 9 months at £120 per month. Total £1080 per year. 
  • Total £4230 per year. 
  • Every group we deliver costs just over £1800 to run. Any donations recieved over our target will go towards the running of additional groups. 

We greatly appreciate your support to offer comprehensive mindfulness courses for vulnerable children and adults, both victims and perpetrators of abuse.


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All the benefits of the £250 package plus a full day training delivered to your organisation or business on Mindfulness Practice in the South, East or West of England. Alternatively, you can recieve a full day training on Domestic abuse for your organisation or business in the same areas. (Alternatively, you may choose to stay annonymous, opt out of the reward or gift it to to someone else)

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