Mindfulness, Meditation & The law of attraction

by mindfulnessnow in Birmingham

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I have written this book solely to help others opened their minds of their true potential and to help people through difficult times...

by mindfulnessnow in Birmingham


I have written this book solely to help others opened their minds of their true potential and to help people through difficult times like i did with myself rather than other books that focus on one subject mine focuses on three of which are all very closely related and from personal experience when all three are used together the results are quicker and much better

This brand new book is unlike any other as it is not only a book you will read once and put it on the shelf this is an active book that you will use daily to completely turn your life around. You will learn all the techniques that i myself have used to transform my life so they are tried and tested by myself and i believe i now have come to an understanding of what works and what doesn't. Using Mindfulness, Meditation & The law of attraction together can bring about incredible transforms in every aspect of your life. Unlike others who solely focus on one practise i believe using all three brings about the best results as they are all very closely linked together

A few reviews for my book 

I found this book easy to read & liked the lay out it is very easy to follow and very informative, i can see how it could help me in my daily life i like the size of the book easy to take with you where ever you go.... From Marie  55

Well explained, well presented once i started reading the book i was intrigued to learn more and continue to read i would defiantly read this book again.... From Claire  28

This is the best and most helpful book i have ever read i have already started applying the information from this book to my life and have seen a huge change for the better thank you Melissa... From Jeffrey  48

This is not normally the kind of book i would read but i did read it and found it very interesting and helpful and will apply parts of this to my life... From Jo  28

'What is mindfulness'? Mindfulness is a way of life it is all about connecting with yourself and the present moment.

'What is Meditation'? Meditation is form of relaxation for your mind as well as your body it enable's you to connect more deeply with your inner-self.

'What is The law of attraction'? The law of attraction is all about reprogramming your mind to attract the life you want to live and the focus solely on all the positive aspects of life.

*Please not the video i have uploaded is myself and it is amateur which i have created myself to give a insight to what the book contains and the style which of course is relaxing, beneficial  and educating

Risks and challenges

The only main risk involved is the book not selling but i doubt this as i already have a very high interest it in and people whom can not wait to purchase this book i have aprx 750 followers on the books Facebook page and 350 followers on the books twitter also have at least 100 friends and family that will purchase the book as soon as it is available


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