Mindfulness Meditation Classes for Children

by East West Kids Connect in Reading, England, United Kingdom

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Continue to offer free mindfulness meditation classes to school children

by East West Kids Connect in Reading, England, United Kingdom

Connecting Hearts

Meditation gives even very young children, power over their thinking and emotions using self-understanding and self-acceptance. It is a gentle and effective means of overcoming a wide variety of psychological and behavioural problems.


Evidence suggests there are increasing amounts of distractions in the world, including the internet, mobile phones and other digital gadgets which make it harder to focus and concentrate. East West Kids Connect teaches children to connect more with their hearts and the present moment. The charity works with young people in both mainstream and specialist educational settings and families outside school. This helps to improve their quality of life at home, family relationships and life within their community.

Meditation sessions are currently provided weekly in primary schools for 3 to 11 year-old pupils and outside school to children with their families.  Pure Lavender essential oil is used during each session to increase a sense of calm.  Chimes are used to time each meditation session with duration of around 1 minute for each year of their age, for example 5 minutes for a 5 year old.  During meditation, children are requested to keep connecting with the natural rhythm of their breath which will bring them back to their hearts and love, each time they get distracted. This also helps to connect them more fully to all of their senses.

We would love to continue this great work, and with your donation we will not only be able to expand across more schools and continue to offer this free course, but also have the opportunity to take the time to train the teachers too!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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1 x bottle of lavender bubble bath

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1 x bottle of organic essential lavender oil

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Basket of Lavender Goodies & East West Kids connecting hearts t-shirt Basket includes: Lavender Shampoo, Essential Lavender Oil, Lavender Roll-on Perfume, Lavender Bubble Bath, Eau de Parfum, Lavender Cream.

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