Mindful Magic: 20 schools in 2020

by Mindful Magic in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

Mindful Magic: 20 schools in 2020


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Looking ahead to support emotional wellbeing in at least 20 schools when lockdown ends, with the Mindful Magic Teacher Training and Toolkit

by Mindful Magic in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

We know it will be a challenging time when schools eventually return, as teachers will be inundated with trying to manage 30 little lives that have gone through huge changes in a short amount of time.

We want to look ahead and make it as easy as possible for everyone to prioritise emotional wellbeing, and give teachers and students the space to uncover their resilience, let go of worries and fears, and gain mindfulness tools for life. 

Who are we? 

Mindful Magic is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting children, parents & teachers to ‘uncover joy' through mindfulness and emotional literacy tools.
We have a network of 20 incredible Mindful Magic Mentors around the world who work in their local communities, running sessions that give families the time and space to have fun, uncover resilience and gain mindfulness tools for life

What do we believe?

We believe that we are all inherently joyful, resilient and peaceful, and that we can see these characteristics in ourselves and our children when they play, laugh, create, breathe, move and take a little time to be still. 

We believe that emotional wellbeing is paramount, especially in these uncertain times. Which is why we developed our Mindful Magic Teacher Training & Toolkit (TTT), which enables schools to easily integrate mindfulness and emotional literacy into their everyday school life.

The Teacher Training & Toolkit

The TTT provides up to 30 members of staff with 24 lesson plans, a library of interactive and ready-to-use resources, easy everyday mindfulness tools, assessment opportunities, cross-curricular links and a 2 hour teacher training (which is easily delivered online). 

The aim is to give primary teachers to tools to support the development of emotional literacy amongst ALL students, without extensive planning and research between now and the eventual end of lockdown. 

We believe that mindfulness can be accessible to everyone, and the TTT 'does the donkey work, so teachers can focus on quality delivery' (a teacher at Eversley School, Enfield).

Our goal with ‘20 in 20’

We want to make the TTT available to 20 primary schools for free, so that they have ideas, tools and resources to further support their students on their return to school following lockdown. 

In our offer to schools, we also want to include four hours of support from their local Mindful Magic Mentor, to deliver sessions over four 45 minute blocks, or a half day workshop for up to 30 students. 

The money we raise

The money we raise will initially fund delivery of the TTT to 10 primary schools in the UK, starting with online training for teachers, plus the four hours of extra in-person support from a local Mindful Magic Mentor. The stretch target will help us to reach 20 by the end of 2020! 

Thank you :) 

p.s. Please nominate primary schools along with any support you can offer. We cannot guarantee delivery of the TTT in your chosen school, but will do our best to reach as many as possible. The more nominations, the easier it will be to reach out to a school.

Feedback from teachers using the TTT:

  • 'This Toolkit prompts children and gives them the opportunity and time to focus on themselves, how they are feeling and techniques to better manage their emotions'
  • 'A simple-to-use toolkit which you can dip in and out of to guide you in mindfulness techniques to support both you and the children'
  • 'User friendly and lovely for teachers and pupils...it was so positive to do something for the well being of all'
  • 'Children have become aware of their emotions and react in a positive way using some of the techniques to allow themselves to think more rationally'

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