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Create effective naturally sourced 100% organic baby products to combat common childhood skin conditions to bring relief and peace of mind.

by Nashika in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I am a first time mother to a gorgeous baby girl. I started noticing my daughters skin change around 4 months, and upon visiting the GP I found out that my daughter had severe eczema. We went through tons of prescription ointment and creams and nothing seem to work.

I was absolutely horrified and cried sometimes, because my daughter used to scratch herself to the point where she would be bleeding and have numerous cuts and marks from itching. My daughter wore baby mittens constantly from birth to 7 months because of how severe it became.

A family friend who came back from Turkey ended up giving us a small tub of cream they’d picked up on a small stall over there.

It Worked! Me and my boyfriend were actually surprised, that essentially a small tub of homemade stuff had actually minimised our daughters itching and also kept her skin hydrated. Overtime her skin became a lot smoother she didn’t look scaly anymore and was so much more content in herself.

We did try and purchase something similar afterwards, but was met with a massive shipping cost and high product prices. This prompted me to research natural ingredients that could serve for various common baby and sensitive skin purposes such as cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis etc.

I am now at a stage of bringing my idea to life to share with others, especially mothers who could benefit from creams and body washes for themselves and/or their children at a fair price. I would also like to include information leaflets on the ingredients their country of origin and their sourcing. So customers have a better understanding of exactly what is in their products and what they do.


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100% organic baby product - lotion

This product is 100ml skin lotion for babies and children, for all skin types including those with Eczema

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