Mind Everest Expedition

by Jamie in 

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On 22nd November 2018 we successfully raised £160 with 5 supporters in 56 days

In April, I will be attempting to climb Mount Everest in support of Mind to raise awareness for Mental Health support and I need your help!!

by Jamie in

Please check-out the website link to my ‘MIND EVEREST EXPEDITION’ on Facebook for VLOGS, BLOGS and more information as I prepare to tackle the highest mountain in the world!!!

In April 2019 I will be attempting the greatest challenge of my life.

I will be climbing Mount Everest.

Unfortunately, I am not a celebrity like Bear Grylls or Ben Fogle, so I am having to try my hardest to self fund this expedition. The car is going up for sale for one thing, I’m that determined. I know it seems like I’m asking for what appears to be a lot of money, but I need your help and support to make this expedition a success and to raise as much money and awareness for Mind and Mental Health as I can. I will not allow any charitable donation to Mind to be used on the expedition! 100% of your donation to Mind via my Just Giving link will go to them.


Unfortunately, climbing to the top of the world is not cheap, in fact it’s ridiculously expensive!!! One of the main reasons for this is because of the requirement for a lot of specialist equipment and resources to allow me to survive on the mountain for such a long period of time in order to achieve a successful summit. I’ve had to try not to let myself worry about the costs and let it deter me from this challenge. Although it is scary to commit to something like this.

So, I am asking for a little bit of support in raising some funds towards some of the costs of the expedition to help me on my way. This will give me a much greater opportunity to raise as much money as I possibly can for Mind.

I have already purchased as much kit as I can, mainly second hand from eBay to help me keep the costs down. As long as it’s functional and safe, that’s all I’m worried about.

I’m taking on this challenge in support of Mind; the Mental Health Charity to raise awareness of the issues that can affect all of us and to let you know that help is out there.

I’ve been a Police Officer for 15 years, and can speak from personal experience of the effects of stress and how it can have a huge negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

Emergency Services workers are at a much greater risk of experiencing a mental health problem than the rest of us, but they are less likely to seek the support they need.

Mind has been delivering the Blue Light Programme to support the Ambulance Service, Police, Fire and Rescue and Search and Rescue Services and all of their volunteers and I want to make sure that I can make as many of them aware of this, so they can get the help and support they need without any fear or resorting to desperate measures. 

Worrying data from Mind reveals and one in four of the UK population suffer from a mental health condition and that one in four of our Blue Light workers are experiencing such high levels of mental health problems and stress including PTSD, that they have contemplated suicide or thought about leaving the job.

Tragically, I have lost friends and people I’ve worked with who have taken their own lives or have left the police because of the stress.

This is my motivation to do what I’m doing, to raise awareness and send a message out to EVERYONE that help is available and it is not a sign of weakness or something to be afraid of.

In recent years, I have been busy climbing a few mountains and with my passion for adventure it’s taken me on expeditions from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Himalaya.

In April 2019, I will be heading to Mount Everest which stands at a staggering 8,848 meters or the cruising height of a jet liner.

I will be living at extreme altitude with a need to rely on supplementary oxygen in area known as the ‘Death Zone’ that exists above 8,000 metres.

I will have to cope with inhospitable and freezing conditions for about 8 weeks as I acclimatise on my way up.

In the coming months, I will be training hard and reaching out to as many people as I can and across all of the Emergency Services to make this expedition count for something.

And this is why I am here on Crowd Funder to try and get some much needed help and support to make it all happen. 

If you think that this is something you would be willing to help me with, then thank you very much. It means a lot to me and will give me the motivation I need, as I know it will all be going towards making a difference to someone who needs it.

Please follow me on Facebook on the MIND EVEREST EXPEDITION, where I will be sharing lots of information in the build up to next years expedition and you can visit my Just Giving Page if you would like to donate straight to Mind.

Thank you very much and cheers! 


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