Miller's Stars

Miller's Stars

Gifting memories to those parents who have suffered a stillbirth.

We did it!

On 7th May 2016 we successfully raised £657 with 19 supporters in 56 days

Hi Funders,

We are looking for support, to get our Charity which helps families who have suffered a Stillbirth off the ground. 

We have some great plans and support, but in order to take that support to the next level we need a Charity number, and in order to get a Charity number we need to have raised a minimum of £5000. 

So we are appealing to the masses to help us, help families who are going through this unbelievable situation. We have deliberately stayed away from supporting people with words, counciling and literature as there are many Charities do an excellent job at that, instead what we offer is memories, having recently experienced this ourselves we realised that there is no financial support for the little things, like an Urn, headstone, plaque or even something as small as a photo frame. So this is where we would like to help, because to us memories are all we have left in the end and they really matter. 

Please look at our website for further details of what we do. 


Many Thanks for your support.  

Miller's stars. 

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