An events company employing and empowering mothers

by Milk and Honey Events in London, England, United Kingdom


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Raising funds to invest in my events business, in order to empower and employ mothers seeking flexible work.

by Milk and Honey Events in London, England, United Kingdom

What do Michelle Obama and I have in common?

We both want to see better options for working mothers and invite you to join us!

“If you want me to do the job, you’ve got to pay me to do the job and you’ve got to give me flexibility.” 

                                                  – Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the USA

Motherhood isn’t confined to specific hours of the day, work shouldn’t either. While everybody stands to benefit from flexible working, for the majority of working mothers it’s the deciding factor between engaging in the world of work and taking whatever they can get whenever something happens to come up. Hardly the best strategy to make that first million! Join forces with Milk & Honey Events on our myth-busting mission.

What’s The Big Idea?

Milk & Honey Events is committed to finding a way around rigid and archaic work-day structures, expensive childcare and ‘just a mum’ syndrome by:

  • Training and employing mothers seeking work that fits around their families and  affords a work/life rhythm
  • Delivering impactful workshops around personal development and skill discovery 
  • Growing a community network that combats isolation and loneliness through regular coffee mornings

Will You Get Behind Us? If I’m being honest, I’ve laid this project to rest a number of times.

Why? Because it’s a colossal task! As a mother of three boys, I have spent the most part of the past 7 years outside the traditional work setting fighting against the belief that I too am ‘just a mum’. The world claims we can only do one well. Crazy, right?! I’ve finally decided to take the leap because...

I’m desperate – to change the narrative and current reality. Flexibility doesn’t mean slacking! It means working my socks off and getting paid well for it while valuing my family.

I’m ready – Having spent the last year working on my mindset, setting healthy boundaries and overcoming limitations, with my youngest child now in full-time education, there’s no time like the present.

I’m able – I've designed and delivered social and corporate events on a freelance basis for a decade. I learned by experience before successfully completing florist and events management short courses. I’ve always employed keen mummy friends seeking employment to work alongside me and I now need to establish the business to be able to do this on a consistent basis and pay them well.

It’s Time To Grow! I need your help to establish the business. Your financial support will allow me to:

  • Build a website and market the business effectively to increase visibility, and  ultimately clients
  • Rent studio space for event prep, which doubles as storage and workshop space
  • Host my first skill discovery workshop for 15 mothers in April 2020 
  • Host weekly coffee mornings, bringing mothers together


More about Esana:

Esana Ilori is a mother of three amazing boys who are her biggest cheerleaders and motivation to follow her dreams. She has a background in Media and has spent the last 10 years working and volunteering for various charities. Most recently she has worked as a freelancer, organising numerous social and corporate events including conferences, weddings, fashion shows, and product launches. Opportunities to engage in meaningful and flexible employment which also fits around her family needs are a rarity. There is also childcare to factor in, as the high costs are often debilitating. 

Since her youngest child started reception, Esana began a MSc in Counselling and Coaching on a part-time basis. She understands that motherhood can be exciting yet challenging, but the right support can make a difference. Esana is passionate about merging her love for events with a socially conscious business model that employ and empower mothers.


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