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Save Milford House Collections the world famous museum of the extraordinary Mc Crum family who revolutionized sport and Women's Rights

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On 21st Jan 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

 "Mass kidnappings, inventions which revolutionized the world of business and sport, letters to and from Stalin If there is a building with a more fascinating history than Milford House just outside Armagh I'd be surprised"

Gordon Adair BBC Newsline.

 Milford Buildings Preservation Trust is a registered charity established by Stephen Mc Manus at the age of fifteen to protect promote and restore Milford House Co. Armagh its gardens and parkland and the built and natural heritage of the Milford area. Milford House was the wonder of its age. The most modern house in 19th century Ireland- the first to have hdyroelectricity. It had six bathrooms each with a Turkish bath and a jacuzzi and even a waterfall in the Dining Room. The creation of Robert Garmany Mc Crum who revolutionized the linen industry. Today it is world famous as the home of William Mc Crum who invented the penalty kick rule in football. His sister Harriette Miller was involved in the Women's Suffrage Movement. Later she wrote to Salin told him how to run Russia in detail. He was so impressed he wrote back personally and asked for more advice! From 1936 to 1965 it was home to Manor House School- a country house school for girls. Today Milford House is derelict,  privately owned and not accessible.

The Trust owns the Milford House Collections, the possessions of the Mc Crum family. The collections also includes the entire contents of  Somerset House London. It is  a huge collection of National importance includes precious old master paintings furniture clocks, family costumes etc. Milford House Collection attracts visitors from all over the world. Currently the collection is homeless.

 To save the Collections the Trust needs to purchase 22 Monaghan Street Milford as permanent home for Milford House Collections. Built  by the Mc Crum family in 1888 for the village school headmaster. It is of great historical and architectural importance. It is the only property large enough in the area to house the entire collection. The property is for sale and the Trust need to urgently raise £140,000. If the Trust cant buy the house the possessions will be lost forever. Help us save Milford House Collections for the benefit of the nation!!


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