Milefield Community Farm

Help us to add alpacas to our community farm, which was set-up to promote healthy eating.

We did it!

On 3rd Jan 2017 we successfully raised £98 with 9 supporters in 42 days

Milefield Community Farm

Milefield Primary is a community school situated in the ex-mining village of Grimethorpe, near the town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

At Milefield Primary, we have built a community farm which is now home to chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, donkeys, goats and guinea pigs. As you drive through our school gates, you are now greeted by the sound of pigs oinking and donkeys eeyoring! We also have some herbs and vegetable patches. 

We are now looking to fundraise £1600 to purchase 2 alpacas. (The funding goal is £3200 because XPO Logistics donated the shelter half-way through the crowdfunding process, but we only need £1600 now).

The North East Ward alliance have also kindly donated £300 which will go towards the Crowdfunder fees and any contingencies. If there is any money leftover it will go towards the farm.

Why are we developing a farm?

Residents in our local area have a life expectancy 2.2 years lower than the national average. The biggest cause of death in our area is cardiovascular disease, which can often be averted through healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Our hope is that through the farm we can improve pupils' understanding of where their food comes from, and encourage both parents and pupils to develop a healthier lifestyle by thinking about the food they eat and how it is produced. 

What will the farm be used for?

  • The farm will be incorporated into all aspects of the school curriculum.
  • We are going to develop a learning resource centre where community groups can use the kitchen facilities to cook meals from farm produce.
  • We are going to create a parent/community cafe, where produce from the allotment can be used in an enterprise scheme to produce fresh smoothies and healthy snacks.

... and this is just the beginning. Any income generated will be ploughed back into the farm (excuse the pun!) so the project will grow and grow.

Why do we need your money?

With the help of local businesses, non-uniform days and the North East Area Council, we have fundraised, and spent, over £47,000 so far developing the farm. 

Eventually the project will become self-sustainable but until the farm is ready for use (when it can start earning revenue), we would like your help.

Theresa, well-being manager at Milefield Primary School, feeding the sheep

Our two pigs, George and Mildred, looking delighted as ever to have been awoken from their nap

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