Mike's Charity & Financial Effort

Mike's Charity & Financial Effort

To help provide easily-accessible financial education while giving back to the community through our efforts.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Most people have more money to spare than they realize. We’ve all been there, continuously digging into our so-called “savings accounts” and buying things that we don’t need. The truth is it’s not our fault. We have not been taught on how to make the money work for us. My goal is spread the awareness of TRUE financial education. I will do this by creating my company and developing its mission around this concept and teaching people how to properly invest and KEEP what they MAKE. Otherwise, we will be laboring our entire lives and never be able to retire.

The mission of the company that I am creating is to thrive on acquiring assets, all while preserving the environment around us by remembering to thank the people that helped guide us on our journey. We would accomplish this by being so prosperous that we will be able to give away a THIRD of all our profits to charity.

Our long-term vision is to be a socially conscious, financial learning tool for people deriving from all backgrounds and we will empower these people by helping them get on a stronger financial track. The Time-Value of Money (TVM) concept demonstrates that it is better to have the money NOW, rather than it is later. With your help, we will able put your donations to the beginning stages of the best financial business the world has ever seen. This initial donation from you will not only mean a lot to me, but also every person's life that we touch along the way.