Mike Todd’s Retirement Gift

by Louise Bixby in Romford, England, United Kingdom

Mike Todd’s Retirement Gift


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For all those that have worked with Mike:The wonderful Mike Todd will be officially retiring on 31st October. For those of you who have been...

by Louise Bixby in Romford, England, United Kingdom

For all those that have worked with Mike:

The wonderful Mike Todd will be officially retiring on 31st October. For those of you who have been privileged enough to work with him, you will know that he was the grandad of the Warren school,  a dedicated teacher/HOD who would go to the end of the earth to get the best out of all his students and a guitar playing, joke telling legend. Mike has always been a reliable and trustworthy colleague who would exude the politeness of middle-class resilience but had a great sense of human kindness. He always displayed empathy and understanding towards everyone he met.

 Toddy or 'hot Toddy' as Davina would always call him has taught many generations throughout his career and is clearly part of the furniture at The Warren School. He trained many NQT's and was passionate about whole school literacy to promote opportunities for disadvantaged pupils. His lessons with the SEN classes were particularly magical and engaging. He would often have secret hiding places for his Halogen oven, toaster, slow cooker and treat cupboards if any of his colleagues were having a bad day and needed some cheering up. He was a well-respected examiner and recognised for his experience and consistently high results with all of his classes. He is a role-model for all teachers and would always conduct himself in a professional manner. A man of great kindness and always willing to help anyone is the way that I would describe him. I think he is someone inspirational and we can all learn something from his plethora of personal qualities. Quite often in work places, age and experience gets forgotten but it is so important to hold this in high regard because when challenging times arise, this type of person is the glue that holds everything together, the fibres in the fabric and the sea of calmness during a storm.

Recently Toddy has been unwell and this prompted his decision to retire and start a new and different journey. We are very happy that he has chosen this new path and wanted us as a school community to celebrate his service to the teaching profession.

 We have decided that his years of service needs to be acknowledged and commended so and we will be collecting money to put towards a well-deserved retirement gift,  so please donate so that we can give him the send off he deserves.

Please note, this fundraiser is just for friends of Mike and ex-staff of the school and will go towards a separate gift along with all your good-will messages.  We will be collecting cash in school for all current staff who would like to contribute. 

Davina, Louise and Lall

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