Mike Scott-Hayward's Election Fighting Fund

Mike Scott-Hayward's  Election Fighting Fund

To help Mike Scott-Hayward to fight to win the 2017 General Election in North East Fife

We did it!

On 30th May 2017 we successfully raised £239 with 6 supporters in 14 days


My battle cry could well be “once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!”

For the fifth time, I am putting myself forward to become the MP for North East Fife.  

I have been wholly consistent in my support both for the integrity of the United Kingdom, being opposed to it being broken up by Scottish separation, and support for the United Kingdom to once more be fully Sovereign.

I have been wholly consistent in fighting for the UK to leave the European Union, so that our own Parliament alone rules for and over us, with our express authority given to the Queen-in-Parliament, by us through the process of our democratic elections.

Of all the candidates standing in North East Fife on 8th June, I am the only one who openly and publically supported leaving the EU.   Every other candidate standing for your vote in North East Fife is a candidate for a Party which campaigned to "Remain".  They were all out of touch with the British People.

Some are now pledged to disrupt that expressed British Referendum result; some still will work to break up the UK despite Scotland's vote against that; while Scottish Conservatives now have turned from being for Remaining  to luke warm acceptance of Brexit simply because their UK leader  has declared that Brexit means Brexit.

I will happily support Theresa May if she returns as Prime Minister  but my support will not be given blindly.

I have published my own Manifesto: my watchwords are Independent Sovereign Democratic Britain

Independent:          British Sovereignty shall no longer be shared or surrendered. 

Sovereign:               The Sovereign-in-Parliament is the final arbiter over British Citizens.

Democratic:           Democratic not Bureaucratic.

Britain:                     The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I will follow my manifesto as closely as I can - but when new issues arise I will not be a whipped party poodle: I will seek to discover and apply the sensible views of my constituency.


I have no major political party, big business or Union paying for my campaign; I can spend little more than that which I raise through your support and donations.

Donation Rules

  • Donations of any amount are welcome.
  • If you are kind enough to donate more than  £50  to my campaign,  your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate.  Your name,  but not your address,  will be made available by the Electoral Commission and/or Returning Officer on request after the election, and be included in Election Expense Returns as and when required.
  • I am NOTable to accept donations of more than £50 from individuals who are not on the UK electoral register.

Donations will be used to fund Mike Scott-Hayward's 2017 General Election Campaign and any future similar campaigning.

Promoted by Mike Scott-Hayward, on his own behalf, of Sawmill House, Kemback Bridge, Fife KY15 5TP.

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