Migrant Connections Festival

Migrant Connections Festival

A weekend-long festival of workshops, talks and cultural events bringing together migrants, refugees and activists.

We did it!

On 16th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £605 with 28 supporters in 42 days

The Migrant Connections Festival will be on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March, 2017. It will be held at Praxis, an advice and community centre for migrants in Bethnal Green, London. The festival will be a chance for those going through the migration process and those looking to show solidarity with them to share experiences, build relationships and gain a deeper understanding of issues surrounding migration and the asylum process.

It will feature discussions and workshops on issues around detention, the asylum process, mental health, education access, strategies for building effective solidarity, as well as music, spoken word and theatrical performances, an art exhibition, film screenings, and art workshops.

Our aims are to:

  • encourage collaboration and understanding between migrants and non-migrants to create meaningful solidarity.
  • deepen the knowledge of issues around migration and the asylum process.
  • inform attendees of the activities of various groups and organizations present and provide opportunities for different levels of involvement
  • connect organizations and people working on migration issues in the local area.


Venue hire and cleaning


Travel reimbursement for workshop facilitators 


Travel reimbursementfor attendees (travel costs for around 50 attendees currently going through the migration process.) 


Fees for migrant artist workshop facilitators and performers


Creche (18hrs over three days – to make the festival accessible to thosewith young children.) 


Videography (12hrs over three days. We want to record some of the workshops and talks which will be taking place during the event; however, we will only be recording facilitators and/or participants who have given their express permission.)  


Food (refreshments and lunch over 2 days) 


Promotional and workshop materials/decorations





Please donate generously to make this project happen at a time when solidarity with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers is urgently needed. The project will still go ahead if we don't reach our full target, as long as we can cover the venue costs, travel costs for attendees and the creche; however, we belive that the facilitators and artists contributing deserve to be compensated for their time and energy. 


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