Migrant Connections Festival

A 1 day festival: workshops, arts and cultural events bringing together migrants, refugees & activists in solidarity, community & creativity

We did it!

On 14th Apr 2018 we successfully raised £1,484 with 45 supporters in 50 days

On April 7th we plan on hosting the second Migrant Connections Festival in London. But we need your help to really make that happen.

Last year, we brought together a wonderful community of people of different backgrounds for two days of activities and performances – including practical support on issues such as detention, as well as theatrical and musical performances.

Our aims?

  • To build and nurture relationships where you wouldn’t make relationships in everyday life.
  • To provide a friendly atmosphere where people can come along to talk, learn and see something fun.
  • Through these aims, we hope to fight social isolation and foster community and solidarity.

That’s why we focus on centring the voices and participation of migrants in the very process of organising the event. We are creating a festival with the community led by the community.

This year we will …

  • Organise migrant-led workshops & performances - showcase arts and creativity from the migrant community. 
  • Provide a free lunch, creche facilities & free travel to all migrants & refugees attending so that the festival is accessible. 
  • Provide holistic healing - massage therapy , yoga & gardening sessions to nurture and support wellbeing. 
  • Host workshops & sessions on: practical support, wellbeing & mental health, effective solidarity, education and housing access, anti-deportation & detention support & action.


Venue hire, decorations & cleaning
Travel reimbursement for workshop facilitators
Travel reimbursement for attendees (travel costs for around 50 attendees currently going through the migration process)
Fees for migrant artist workshop facilitators and performers
Creche (make the festival accessible to those with young children)
Videography & Photos ( We want to record some of the workshops and talks which will be taking place during the event; however, we will only be recording facilitators and/or participants who have given their express permission)
Food (refreshments and lunch)

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