Miggins - The Vegan Pie Shop

by Glenn at Miggins in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Miggins - The Vegan Pie Shop
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Bringing Vegan Pies to the World, and helping out those less fortunate along the way. Pie & Mash Baby - it's the future!

by Glenn at Miggins in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Miggins, The Vegan Pie Shop is a social enterprise in every sense, as we believe an entrepreneurial spirit coupled with a genuine social conscience provides the perfect set of tools to create a project with lasting benefits for those who we can reach out to. Too many people think that business & commerce on one hand, and the concepts of charity and a social conscience on the other, somehow represent polar opposites, when we believe the perfect situation is the combination of the two, where business skills and efficiencies can create a well-funded engine driving a significant project with a real chance of longevity.

We work with Food Banks, Homeless Projects and "Pay-What-You Feel"  community food outlets by donating freshly made artisan pies using only the best locally-sourced ingredients. We're not giving away the waste stock left over at the end of the day, or anything past its sell-by date, this is healthy, fresh, nutritious and (we hope) delicious food, freely donated to help support projects bringing food to the needy. Currently we are committed to work with both the Lime Project and St Mary's in Sheffield. We're also proud to be associated with Forest Green Rovers FC down in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, with whom we share our values on sustainability.

The more we grow as a business, the more we can help, and our goal is to be donating 1,000 pies per year! First we have to go from our current situation as a small wholesale provider to our first full-on Vegan Pie & Mash shop, and we already have a deal agreed on premises, opening on Friday September 7th 2018. From there we can hopefully roll-out the concept nationally and  create a steady stream of nutritious, healthy and warming food for distribution out to those sectors of the community that need it most. We're starting in Sheffield but we're already looking at more sites in major cities throughout the UK. However, we have to walk before we can run, so we need to make staged acquisitions of kit and equipment, and that's where you guys come in. Each level we reach provides us with the opportunity to grab stainless steel worktables, mixers, freezers, ovens, stock, a van, promo materials and so on. Every pledge you make will result in someone getting a solid meal, and we even send you pies too! By the way, as you'll see we have different levels of participation and it's also possible for you to donate some or all of YOUR pies along with the ones triggered by your pledge. 

This project can succeed by itself but every level you help us to achieve turbo-charges our progress towards our goal of making a real difference to people less fortunate than the rest of us. Our customers love our pies, let's help the pies give some love back!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Feel-Good Building Blocks

It all helps. Your generous pledge brings you a pie of your choice, plus we'll donate a pie with all the trimmings to a worthy cause, and you'll get an eternal credit in the founder's book

£20 or more

Feel-Good Building Blocks Plus

Not only will you receive a box of 4 Pies, but 4 more will be donated to local projects on your behalf. We'll record your generosity with an eternal credit in the Founders Book and send a lovely Mr Miggins Mug!

£50 or more

Pies by the Dozen!

You'll get a box of 12 pies, plus we'll donate 12 more in your name to local projects (with Mash, Peas, Gravy or whatever they want rse). Your generosity will be eternally recorded in the Founders Book AND we'll send you a Mr Miggins Founder's T-Shirt and special enamel Mug!

£100 or more

It's Raining Pies!

You'll get a box of 4 pies each month for a year, and we'll donate 4 pies each month for a year. We'll send you a T-Shirt, a soon-to-be-legendary Mr Miggins Mug, updates/photos on where your donated pies went each month, and we'll record your generosity in the Founders Book (hard copy and online)

£250 or more

Making a Difference - Merry Christmas!

Same as the £100 level PLUS a Christmas Dinner for 100 people at one or more local projects, featuring Vegan Christmas Pies. We'll send you images/video and make sure everyone attending knows the event was possible thanks to your pledge. Your generosity will be highlighted in the Founders Book and we'll send you a Mr Miggins T-Shirt, Cap and Mug and a special "extra" Christmas Gift. Bring some cheer to 100 people this Christmas!

£1,000 or more

Another Level

Talk to me... If you like what we're doing and you have some funding available, let's roll this thing out!

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