Midwife robbed and needs to get to work!

by bluextra123 in London, England, United Kingdom

Midwife robbed and needs to get to work!
We did it
On 8th February 2018 we successfully raised £425 with 21 supporters in 28 days

To raise enough money to replace the bicycle savagely stolen from my girlfriend who is a NHSmidwife and desperately needs it to get to work.

by bluextra123 in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The response has been OVERWHELMING  and people's generosity has gone way beyond what we expected. We are going to try and push for £300 if we can! Thank you all again for being such nice people and showing that 99.9% of people are actually really nice and that tiny percentage will never win.


On Tuesday January 9th 2017 my girlfriend had her bike savagely stolen in Islington (N1), North London and I was subsequently chased by a crowd of youths for trying to recover it. They also tried to steal my phone. My girlfriend is a midwife and needs the bike to complete her 1hr round trip to work. Frequently working an extra hour each day due to the strains of the NHS she loved her bike and she had only just bought it a few months before. She had a pannier rack on the back for all of her essential work equipment and the thieves took the little holders for the lights too.

She is distraught by this and the gang who took the bike live 5 mins walk away which is petrifying. I have made a statement to the police and although the youths still circle the area (all on stolen bikes) the police resources are strained and there is now no chance of recovering it. I have been searching gumtree everyday to try and locate it and nothing has appeared.

I just want to get her back on the road again and, in some way, help restore some faith in humanity. Thank you!

I have covered her face in the photo for fear of reprisals from the youths (especially as I was chased!). I am more than happy to explain more by email or phone of course! I also have a crime number for the case!

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