Midnight Mango Lockdown Fund

by Midnight Mango in Moorlinch, England, United Kingdom


raised in 75 days



To create new work opportunities for live music booking agents left without income by COVID-19.

by Midnight Mango in Moorlinch, England, United Kingdom

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Alan Frost 3rd December 2020

Good luck everyone, hope you come out the other side fit healthy and ready to go 👍🏻 Hi Pip, love to Neville 😄

April Alexander 27th November 2020

I really hope this works out for you all. I had bee wondering how you were getting on and now it looks as though you are pretty near your target! Good luck!

Bridget Holligan 27th November 2020

We used to enjoy live music all the time and this is is such a creative idea to support vital behind the scenes people. Good luck Matt and everyone, we're right behind you!

Robert short 27th November 2020

As a massive wille & the bandits fan and also seen a few bands on your list {rainbreakers} think this is a great idea. I'm a big music lover recently contacted you about booking wille for a gig in Bridgnorth but had to shelve for now but hoping to do when this is all over {or should I say when our poxy government realise its a bug that we gotta live with}. Out local pub is a great music venue as if you speak to rainbreakers they would no doubt confirm {THE GEORGE) believe they used to play there but became a tadge too expensive and as only a small pub inside and all music foc pub could not turn a profit. New venue well into construction and lots of local talent so hoping good times ahead. We'll done you guys appreciate all your hard work and efforts to put smiles on crowds faces. Would have loved the music but not available on cd but will wear t shirt with pride. Cheers

Daniel Molina Morales 26th November 2020

We need more companies as Midnight Mango in our industry. They are not only great people but also support amazing bands. It is now time to back people and companies who make us, promoters and fans enjoy music and amazing live experiences. Art is now more important than ever!

Bastien Fournier 17th November 2020

Thank you so much, I'm here because of the dead south they are huge I can't wait to see them in lyon next year and it's a really nice project you have. Good luck

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