Nottingham indoor air gun range

by Paul Higgins in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Nottingham indoor air gun range
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To open an air gun range in the east midlands specifically for the general public to shoot their air guns legally.

by Paul Higgins in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

At the moment there are over 5,000 air rifles sold either new or second hand in the Midlands area, with only a hand full of outdoor clubs boasting approximately 2,000 members, this leaves a short fall of 3,000 air arms users with potentially nowhere to legally shoot.

Our aim is to fulfil this gap to open to the general public for them to bring along what they have and shoot for fun legally.

We will run a registration process to all who enter the club noting their Name, Address and gun make, model, serial number and power rating, this will be made available to the authorities if required, providing a database of all known air gun users/owners within the midlands.

Nottingham indoor air gun range will be the only venue in the east midlands specifically for the general public to shoot their air guns legally indoors on our purpose built range.

We will offer a safe environment for first time shooters to come visit our venue to try out the sport for the first time or for the more experienced to hone their existing skills.

Full induction process, registration for all shooters and their guns, including chronograph certificates to UK air gun legislation for sub 12ft LB none licenced air arms.

Full training on gun safety.

Further advanced training on shooting techniques and positions available at additional cost.

Gun and scope fitting service including zeroing 

Opening  times will be as follows:

Monday :- 09:00am – 21:00pm

Tuesday:- 09:00am – 21:00pm

Wednesday:- 09:00am – 21:00pm

Thursday:- 09:00am – 21:00pm

Friday :- 09:00am – 21:00pm

Saturday:- 09:00am – 17:00pm

Sunday:- 09:00am – 17:00pm

We would like to have 20 lanes available to hire dependant on venue.

Gun hire will be available by the hour.

Each shooter will hire a lane that they will have solely for their period of hire.

The range will, hopefully dependant on venue selected, be fully accessible to all infirm and disabled participants.

The facilities on range will give the shooters the choice of the following targets:

Paper target shooting, supplied by the range for either fun or standard competition at an additional cost.

Field target and hunter field target knock down/reset.

Rifle and pistol silhouettes.

The targets will be able to be placed at any distance at the shooters discretion ranging from 10 – 60 yards.

Will aim to hold competitions for all grades of shooters on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis with a variety of prizes and develop our own teams to join national leagues for bench rest, and field target shooting where competitors can eventually enter larger tournaments like the European and world championships in all disciplines or eventually the Olympic games at 10m rifle dependent on qualification.

A yearly membership programe will be run offering one the following:

1, OAP and disabled membership, can be used anytime any day.

2, None peak time membership, can be used Monday- Friday 10:00am – 17:00pm

3, Full membership can be used at any time of any day.

4, Junior membership 10-16 years old, can be used at any time of any day BUT must have adult supervision to comply with current air gun laws.

Memberships will give priority to book and prepay a lane on line up to 7 days in advance and a loyalty programme will be run where 1 free 3 hrs booking will be given for every 10 visits.

Café facilities will be provided on site selling a range of hot and cold drinks with snacks provided at an additional cost.

Ammunition will be available to buy on site at competitive prices.

Gun service and repairs will be available, first through a registered gunsmith then eventually on site once we are established.

We will use the money raised to:

To make the range safe by erecting 5mm steel sheeting to eliminate any ricochets or damage.

Build removable benches and seating on firing line predominantly for bench rest shooters as more experienced shooters such as FT/HFT shooters prefer to be seated on the floor or in a prone position.

Customer support and facilities office for admissions and refreshment sales.

Purchase all target stands for paper targets and knock down targets for customers to shoot.

Initial contract.

Rent for premises once a venue is selected for suitability including access for the disabled and infirm.

Buy approx. 10-20 basic club guns and scopes to hire to capture the market for first time shooters who may not own a gun yet but would like to try the sport.

Advertising in local retail outlets such as local gun shops, a deal may be made with some for beneficial advertisement and recommendation for initial sales.

Build online booking system and web site to allow people to apply for memberships and pre book and pay online.

Stock for selling ammunition and refreshments on site.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

1 Free anytime pass including gun hire and ammunition for up to 3 hours.

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