MiddleMistFlowers - Help Us Grow

by Soo Middlemist in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

MiddleMistFlowers - Help Us Grow


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Flower To The People ! We source & sell organic flowers in store and online also providing support to children in need. Help us Grow !

by Soo Middlemist in Leeds, England, United Kingdom



has been created by a wonderful team who bloomed together with a mission, to sell organic flowers and help children in need. We are making it our goal to become one of Britain's leading florists that sell gorgeous hand crafted organic flowers and donate a proportion of product sales to children in desperate need of support. 

The time has come after all our hard planning, many late hours of structuring and team effort for the brand new launch of MiddleMistFlowers. We call upon you for your potential pledges to our project to make this wonderful plan come together, with your support we will be able to fulfill our goal providing the very best of ORGANIC BRITISH FLOWERS and HELPING CHILDREN across this great country get the support desperately need.

Who We Are

We are a team of trained Certified Florists brought together from similar backgrounds to form a new successful business. We aim to set up shop in the heart of Leeds so we can continue the growth of our venture providing a place for people to come and see whats on offer.

MiddleMistFlowers was founded by Soo Middlemist, an expert in lead design and Floristry, had a keen interest in turning what she loves into a reality. After helping many successful floristry businesses, Soo believed it was time to plant her roots and begin her journey. Soo having such a big heart for children found this a perfect opportunity to provide necessary support to those less fortunate. Their are only two rules to live by here at MiddleMistFlowers… The flowers have to be organic and we must give back our support to children in need.    

We excel the true excellence of creating picturesque weddings and events, going beyond our clients wishes developing natures true beauty into art.    

What We Do

MiddleMistFlowers is a floristry company that will be supplying the UK with home grown sourced organic flowers hand finished with locally sourced sustainable materials. With the use and power of our website upon launch, we will be able to connect people all over the UK with our flowers and show people the true beauty of which nature has to offer.

With the use of our new shop in Leeds we plan to use this space to its maximum potential, not only for selling flowers but providing new jobs and training for people, to have a space to learn and develop. It will also be our home hub for hosting workshop training sessions for groups of children all around the UK getting involved and learning essential skills in growth development and well being. 

Why We Need Your Help

Due to the ever increasing demand for fresh organic flowers and providing essential workplace training, we turn to keen supporters just like yourself to ask for help in making this business what it needs to be today. With your pledge we will be able to create more jobs and training positions which is desperately needed to fulfill our markets gap and also help towards sourcing some of the UK's finest organic flower farms providing you with the very best keeping our traditional ways alive. 

Its never been a more perfect time to be apart of the floristry industry with more and more demand every year, this seems a wonderful opportunity to get involved and be apart of something big.     

We would love to raise £10,000 in support for MiddleMistFlowers to use towards these costs and continue to help those in need. Thank You        


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more


A Seasonal Wicker Hamper Basket containing a selection of gifts sold here at MiddleMistFlowers coupled with a large organic bouquet.

£5 or more

Lucky Flower !

A £5 pledge will enter you into our SPECIAL draw. The top 3 winners will receive a MiddleMistFlower Bouquet worth £40 ! 20% of your pledge will be donated to Children in Need

£10 or more

Kiss From A Rose

Give that special someone a gift to remember. With just a £10 pledge you can send a beautiful Rose hand finished in our famous classic wrapping with a Custom Message on it !

£15 or more

MiddleMistFlower Candle

Treat yourself ( and your senses ! ) to one of our finest MiddleMistFlower Candles. Infused with carefully selected organic ingredients, its no wonder its in popular demand ! SELECT ONE BELOW

£20 or more

Small Organic Bouquet

Enjoy one of our famous small seasonal bouquet's known for its rich organic smell and beauty. What's more a proportion of its value is donated to Children In Need.

£30 or more

Pick N Mix

Enjoy a visit to our Shop where you will be welcome to browse our loose organic flowers making your very own Bouquet !

£35 or more

English Tea Gift Box

A selection of organic teas and infusions all in a travel tin box. Sourced from organic farms, its a perfect gift for those who want to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. Donated to our cause by English Tea Shop

£40 or more

Large Organic Bouquet

Enjoy one of our famous Large seasonal bouquet's known for its rich organic smell and beauty. What's more a proportion of its value is donated to Children In Need.

£50 or more

Flower Gift Box

A beautiful gift box with a selection of sweet scented petals and flower heads coupled with organic chocolate. All wrapped in a large Bow & Custom Message, perfect for that special someone. SELECT ONE

£75 or more

Full Candle Set & Large Bouquet

A real Treat ! For a £75 pledge you can get your hands on our full organic candle set (contains three) and a Large organic Bouquet delivered straight to your door.

£200 or more

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Four Seasons Flowers !

With a pledge of £200 MiddleMistFlowers will be providing you with FOUR custom seasonal flower table centre pieces. At the start of each season we will be delivering to you a largecentre piece for all to enjoy. SPACES ARE LIMITED

£300 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Special Holiday Package

A spectacular package Blooming with Greatness ! Receive a custom made Extra-Large flower centrepiece one for each Holiday for a year. It will be delivered to your door just in time for VALENTINES DAY - HALLOWEEN - CHRISTMAS SPACES LIMITED

£500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

The MiddleMistFlower Collection

An extravagant way to show off ! MiddleMistFlowers will custom pick and design a range of flowers to suit your home or event. We will come over to you fitting out your event or house with a collection of Organic Flowers styled to your desire. This could be for a birthday event, a get together or for home decoration as an example.

£1,500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

The MiddleMistFlower Season Collection

Much like The MiddleMistFlower Collection but instead of just receiving a one off custom designed flower arrangement décor, you will receive a personal flower designer who will arrange the décor of your home for the FOUR SEASONS in a year. A consultation visit is required and will work around you and your requirements.

Let's make 'MiddleMistFlowers - Help Us Grow' happen