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On 31st March 2021 we successfully raised £235 ( + est. £33.75 Gift Aid ) with 17 supporters in 47 days

Our project aims to reach the people who have been most heavily effected by the COVID 19 Pandemic - bringing a welcome positivity boost.

by Tom Fishenden in Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

Who We Are

Mid Kent Mind are a local mental health charity based in Maidstone. We offer a range of group and one-to-one support to people in Maidstone, Ashford, Swale and the surrounding areas. As a part of the Mind Federation, our mission is to support anyone struggling with a mental health problem - equipping them with the tools and the knowledge to better manage their mental health.

Background Of The Project

This project was born thanks to the insight and hard work of a Youth Volunteer, Madison, who approached our organisation with the foresight of supporting people who are struggling with their wellbeing during lockdown.

She wanted to bring a positive wellbeing booster to people during lockdown, and felt that approaching Mid Kent Mind would enable her to do this. Working together thanks to the generous funding of her family, Madison was able to create several wellbeing boxes for adults and young people which we now have access to - and have been distributing to our clients free-of-charge. 

Feedback received so far has been fantastic - as you will find evidenced below.

Feedback So Far

 “I loved the post it notes, I have never used them before. They were brilliant. I wrote all my jobs for the day on them and loved watching them disappear as I did the jobs!”

 “ This lockdown is the hardest yet, I feel so low at the moment. When I opened it I cried happy tears. I can’t thank you enough.”

 “It was nice knowing someone thought of me and knew how I was feeling.”

Next Steps

Our next steps, and the reason why this project exists, is to plan for more future-proofed financing of additional wellbeing boxes to support Madison and her family as they continue to work with us. They have made a huge difference, at a financial cost to themselves, so we want to begin to foot the bill for these boxes so we can work with Madison's family without them having to finance the project on their own.

As a part of this, we will also use additional funding to add extra elements to these wellbeing boxes - including branded Positivity Postcards, which will enable us to re-enforce where clients can access support and will also allow us to create further awareness of the support we offer to people within our local communities.

These next steps are where you come in. Your support will be essential as this project grows and reaches more people.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Funds One Wellbeing Box

A Five-Pound Donation will fund One Wellbeing Box - meaning one of our Service Users can get access to a positivity boost during an otherwise challenging period of time.

£10 or more

Fund Two Wellbeing Boxes

What's better than one Box? Two! A £10 donation will cover the cost of two Wellbeing Boxes - making a huge difference to the people we work with.

£25 or more

Fund Five Wellbeing Boxes

Five Wellbeing Boxes will give five people a positive boost when they need it the most - making a huge difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

£50 or more

Fund Ten Wellbeing Boxes

£50 can Fund Ten Wellbeing Boxes - making a huge difference to the people we work with. This will also get us 1/10 of the way to our goal - so thank you for making such a huge difference!

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