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Microtia UK School Booklets

by Microtia UK in United Kingdom


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Supporting those born with microtia - a rare condition which results in underdeveloped ear(s) and hearing loss.

by Microtia UK in United Kingdom

1599568529_screenshot_20191121-113909_instagram.jpgMicrotia UK is a small charity that supports those born with microtia, from new-born to the elderly. We are the only UK based charity. We have been able to offer support during the pandemic, creating adapted face masks and much more and we would love to continue this support throughout the rest of the year and next. Our resources are limited as fundraising has come to a stand still. 

Why us?

With your support we would like to design, create and print thousands of copies of a specialised booklet aimed at children who have been born with microtia and who are starting nursery or school.

The booklet will be available for children aged 0-16 years as the information will be relevant throughout a child's school life. A good listening environment together with deaf awareness can go a long way to ensuring a child with microtia gets the best out of their time with the setting. This information booklet will be put together to help anybody working within an early years setting or secondary school so that they have a better understanding of what microtia is and how they can help.

Why is the project needed?

Our charity has a support group on Facebook with over 1,900 members. We have often found that a recurring question from parents on this group is how to speak to their child's school/nursery about microtia and their hearing loss. Therefore, a help booklet was suggested so that families had a resource that they could use which would help answer any questions or worries they had, whilst also giving the setting all the information they needed to help the child in question flourish. To learn more about what microtia is, please visit

How will we manage the project? 

The booklet will be a valuable resource for families who struggle to find the time to speak to professionals when their child starts at a new setting and it will also give them more confidence to liaise with others by using the booklet as a conversation starter, which will ensure that the needs of their child are met within that setting. Families will be able to request a copy for the setting to keep so that all professionals who have contact with the child are fully aware of how best to meet that child's needs. We are also hoping to get the resource out to as many microtia clinics as possible by posting it out to a range of hospitals so that we can raise more positive awareness and help more families.1599569963_whatsapp_image_2019-08-20_at_19.09.35.jpeg

Some topics we will cover:

• Speech and language services and how they can help

• Teacher of the deaf and how they can help 

• Resources (Points of contact)

• Technology (Bone conduction headphones, mini mics, radio aids etc)

• Bilateral microtia 

• Understanding Differences (promoting positive language and image)

• Fatigue/Avoiding fatigue (children with hearing loss can often get tired)

• Communication (positioning in class, sign language, facing the child etc)

• Create a good listening environment (use of rugs, carpets, acoustic tiles etc)

• What is microtia

Thank you for supporting Microtia UK. It will make a huge difference!



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