MICHSIM Solar Powered Cooker

by MICHSIM SOLAR POWERED COOKER in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

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1.The aim of this amazing project is to help to reduce global warming. 2. To enable the poor to cook their meal in pride, dignity and healt

by MICHSIM SOLAR POWERED COOKER in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

MICHSIM Solar Powered Cooke

Hi, how can we do more, or demand more from those in power to reduce global warming? How can we develop a more practical holistic lifestyle? for example, finding environmentally friendly ways of preparing meals.


 According to Smithsonian Magazine 2012 addition, "millions of people in the developing world die each year from illnesses linked to smoke spewing out of crude stoves".    

I am, Michael Richard Simpson, while growing up in rural Jamaica, I have seen how poor families relied on wood fuels and kerosene to prepare their meals.


Soon I would realize that not only does the smoke from the burning of firewoods affects their health but also it is not good for our environment


After migrating from Jamaica to the United Kingdom, I became an ordained minister and have served in several Methodist Circuits.

While stationed and serving in the Islington and Camden Methodist circuit.

I realized that there were people who couldn't afford a stove, and also there it became clear, to me that the issue of preparing a meal not only affects the urban and rural poor in developing countries such as Jamaica but also affects people in rich countries such as the United Kingdom.


 After years of using wood fuel, I have seen my beloved Grandmother eventually went blind. It is from this personal experience I am moving act.

Also, knowledge of the danger women and children face when going to the forest to harvest firewood.

Meeting people who do not have the means of preparing a meal.

Fundamentally, the urgent need to take action against global warming, these are issues that had inspired me to invent a Solar Powered Cooker that will enable us to use healthy method to prepare meals that do not cause health and environmental problem.


The irony is, electric and gas is a source of CO2 emissions, which contributes to global warming.


As Ministers of the gospel, we are called to word and action, a holistic approach is now needed as we co-create with God a clean environment and a just society, where human beings and all lifeforms strive and flourish.


A Balance world in which Social Holiness becomes an integral part of every community, as a way of life.


The 18th century Wesleyan Holiness movement "John Wesley said that there are two types of holiness. personal holiness, which is growing your relationship with God, and Social Holiness, which is showing love to others through caring for their physical needs" and that of the environment.


It is from this understanding I felt the call to put into action my inspired idea of a Solo Powered Cooker that will be beneficial to all of humanity Globally.

This product consists of a portable kitchen that can be used in remote areas using only the power of the sun. it enables people to cook in locations where resources are scarce besides, it also provides a source of power to charge mobile phones, or power external devices such as light.


How can you help? You can help with your financial support to my project a Solo Powered Cooker, to reduce, the effect of global warming and prevent illnesses and death linked to smoke from wood, charcoal, coal, and kerosene.

Thank You,

Light and Love to you all,







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