Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of the project is to create a website by which users can upload and download ringtones, mobile wallpapers and alarm sounds.

by Michaels Tutorials in Warrington, England, United Kingdom

Set up in 2014, Michael's Tutorials has grown from 100 subscribers at the end of 2014 to over 37,000 subscribers by the end of 2018. Predictions via. Socialblade have predicted the YouTube channel to hit over 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2019. Gaining over 50,000 individual views a day, the channel has hit over 23 million views, growing over 100% in 2018.

Using these viewing figures, coupled with YouTube growing future uncertainty, I would like to pledge all funds in developing a website and app that allows users to instantly upload and download ringtones. By already having a strong presence in the target market, and predictions indicating heavy growth within the next year, the channel will be used to promote the website and app. Users will be directed to the website via. YouTube, which will clearly allow users to download their favourite ringtones. In addition to this, the website will enable users to upload ringtones, allowing the website to remain fresh and allow a greater choice of ringtones for new users. Once a ringtone is downloaded, users will be directed to a page which provides instructions for adding the ringtone to their mobile.

The main page of the website will show recent ringtones, however it will also provide users with a search bar and categories.

The app will run very similar to the website, allowing an easy and user friendly interface, with the option to search and discover new ringtones. Both the website and app will be free for anyone to download ringtones, however there will also be the option to become a free member. By obtaining an email addresses and names, members will be allowed to upload ringtones, in addition to receiving a weekly email showing the most downloaded ringtones of that week.

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