Metal Polishing Business

Metal Polishing Business

To raise money for a Metal Polishing Business in Watford, Herts. This in popular demand in this area. A building has become available.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The metal polishing business is a highly established business, it is very unique and in popular demand.

An opportunity has arisen for this to happen in Sydney Road, Watford, Herts.  This will be a great opportunity for busineses to send their work to be polished in  Watford Herts, rather than having to send it several miles away.  There is and excellent polisher who  is professional at what he does and his work is nothing short of first class, Mr Desmond McKenzie, along side Mr Henry Higgins who has experience and knowledge of how a business should run.

Mr McKenzie and Mr Higgins has raised a small amount of money to secure the premises but not enough to get the business up and running as there is a lot comestic internal work to bring the premises up to date along side more up to date machinery.

I beleive in this project and I most definitely can see potential in this company being very successful.

I am trying to help these two gentlemen make a success of this business, as I have never seen two people with the passion and dedication to make this company one of the best Metal Polishing Company succeed.

This company name is Brightwell Metal Polishing Ltd.  I will  say the future is Bright for this company.

Please help fund this project.


Thank you.