Metal Basket Weaver Installation for Shevington.

by Shevington In Bloom in Shevington, England, United Kingdom

Metal Basket Weaver Installation for Shevington.
We did it
On 15th October 2019 we successfully raised £1,300 with 31 supporters in 55 days

Our aim is to replace a damaged wicker structure of a basket weaver, with a metal installation preserving a link to our industrial heritage

by Shevington In Bloom in Shevington, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any surplus money raised will be used to support gardening activities we are involved with in Shevington and the three primary schools in our area.

                                Metal Basket Weaver Installation

 The Wicker Basket Weaver, commissioned by Shevington in Bloom and installed in Shevington’s Community Heritage Area (opposite the Hospice Shop) shows the craft of basket weaving that was carried out in Shevington in the late 1800s. He resides close to the Pit Tubs and the Field Plough, together  these make up three industries which are part of Shevington’s Heritage.

 The “Wicker Man”, as he is affectionately known, is over 5 years old and is now very brittle and ‘falling to pieces’.  He was ‘wired up’ 6 months ago to stop him falling over and recently had a metal rod attached at the back to keep him in place.  The wicker is falling off him daily and he is not expected to survive the winter.


Shevington in Bloom would like to replace him with a similar looking one made from 25mm and 12mm round bar with a basket on his knees, strong enough to put plants in.  This should last much longer than the present wicker structure.

 The wicker basket weaver cost £800 and a longer lasting metal one would cost £1,200

 Shevington in Bloom is appealing to you to help raise funds for this project, which would not only enhance the area but also educate the community and future generations about their heritage.  

Please help us to preserve our local history.

Your contributions will be very much appreciated by many people in and around Shevington. Thank you.

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