UK Manufactured Merino Clothing

UK Manufactured Merino Clothing

UK Manufactured Merino Wool garments, from imported raw New Zealand merino wool

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Merino wool is a natural, sustainable, ecologically sound product which is used to create the best "technical" textile in the world. The finest merino comes from the Southern Alps in New Zealand, where it's unique characteristics are honed by the environment - temperatures of 40°C in summer and -30°C in winter. Merino textile breaths and allows moisture to move away from the skin, the crimp in the fibre adjusts according to the outside temperature, so it is warm in winter and cool in summer, the natural lanolin oil creates an anti-microbial environment which reduces unpleasant body odour, and the fineness of the fibre prevents an itchy "next to skin" feeling.

The UK was once the world leader in textile manufacture, indeed the empire was built on it, but since the late 1970's we have allowed the machinery and skills to drift abroad. Our vision is to create a business capable of manufacturing high quality merino wool garments entirely in the UK from raw wool imported from New Zealand. Some of the old skills are being re-established by entrepreneurs with a similar vision to ours, who have set up small businesses mainly around the original textile hubs of Manchester and Nottingham. We have identified and contacted worsted yarn spinners, circular and flat bed knitters and textile dyers and finishers so we know we can produce the finest merino textile, we would now like to create a dedicated state of the art Cut Make-up and Trim (CMT) unit around the Manchester area.

We will create a business which will train people in the sewing and other machinery skills necessary to make up garments in all types of textile, but with a focus on merino wool. We will offer small and major brands the opportunity to outsource their  garment production to a UK business rather than outsource to China, Taiwan and India, and we will re-establish a pool of skilled machinists for years to come.