Mercy Centre Thailand

by Reverend Philip Cartlidge in Thailand

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We aim to build a safe Mercy centre/ sanctuary to help the girls and boys in Pattaya so they have a place of safety to turn too!

by Reverend Philip Cartlidge in Thailand

My Name is Pastor Phil Cartlidge of Decision Time Ministries,

We have just had one amazing mission trip to Thailand 

Mission Thailand September 2018 …

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, with its idyllic beaches, beautiful waters, amazing greenery and some of the most wonderful animals I have ever seen. In the most part Thailand is like this, a developing country with so much to offer. Everyone would love to holiday alongside its luxurious beaches and mountains.

The Thai people are so lovely, kind and welcoming you feel at home the moment you land at the airport until you leave the country after your 1, 2 or 3 week Holiday, but I was not there for all that this time, I was there to help those that need help but the question you should be asking now, is help from what?

I arrived in Bangkok to help with a Pastor and his wife that shall remain nameless, I stayed with them and had a wonderful time with them in fellowship, preached at their small church and saw many saved, healed and blessed, but one evening the Pastor said he would take me out to show me what really goes on behind closed doors.

We went to what I can only describe as a shopping centre with escalator’s and lights, selling everything the flesh can offer! A woman,  a man, Lady men, Men ladies and various sexual orientations, the people were with numbers on them so one could choose what they wanted and for a price, they would get that person for the night or the hour!

I have seen things like that before, but not on such an industrial scale and primarily selling to the US the English, the American, the German, the Indians, The Pakistani’s, The Arabs I am mentioning all so I don't discriminate against one nation or race as I believe all nations and religions have been going for this reason! 

In the most part it would seem harmless for all to have fun but for those who have no choice because of certain situations it must be a living hell, having to go with anyone that chooses you and do whatever they desire with you _ My heart was melting, crying and I can say I was broken, my eyes can never take back what I saw.

Then moving from Bangkok, I went to Pattaya – the so-called sex capital of the world – This was high or almost high season, so it was a great time to go…. I stayed somewhere that was close to the beach so in some ways I was excited as I love the beach… but I walked up the beach for about a mile and saw,  if I am exaggerating then I will apologise, so then lets under-exaggerate, let’s say 500 out on the street girls for sale looking for their customers and the customers were flocking all around them negotiating prices for various things that should not and won’t be mentioned. I am reminded of dancing bears, this is what the girls are for most there for there paying customer.

Then moving forward, I walked up the famous Walking Street, where half-naked girls’ beckon all to come into their bar for drinks and the rest I will leave to your imagination. Again, I say this, before I was saved it would have been different for my heart, but this time as I am born again I was sad to see all that one saw.

Sunday came, and I was due to preach at Pastor Surapons church in Jontiem, which is near to Pattaya, I was so excited I was there at 8 am in the morning when it does not start until 9:30 am I was like a tiger ready to get out of the cage, The worship was so beautiful and let's say the group of people was 50-60 at maximum but the presence of God was so full, so heavy, I could feel the Lord filling the place as people all came forward for prayer after the meeting PRAISE THE LORD! 

What broke my heart was a Taxi driver praying the sinner's prayer like a child would pray at night on her knees with her hands clasped tight together talking to father Jesus… WOW, what a privilege to see…

The following evening I was back on the beach with some Japanese Christians, one a pastor and we started to preach on the beach, me in English and it was translated to Thai through a Thai speaker and a group gathered and one of the working ladies came forward and gave her life to Jesus Christ – She was hit by the Holy Spirit right there… right then in the middle of all that carnage, Jesus did a miracle – Hallelujah

We do serve an awesome God – don’t we…

From there I moved again to a church in Bangkok to Pastor Harrison's church where we had a wonderful meal and service together where we saw the hand of God move in power… I will put pictures for all to see

I can say much more but the facts are that .5% people in Thailand are saved we are a small light disappearing in the darkness, but can I say we serve an awesome God and his presence is within me so where ever that light goes the darkness flees… come on – we can make a difference we can turn that .5% into 20% can’t we – maybe 40% is that possible – come on I believe revival can come to Thailand if we the body get up of our behinds and do something, Pray, Sow, Bless, get involved.

God hates Idol worship more than anything and there are Idols everywhere, people give the first drink of the day to their Gods they buy gifts and all sorts when they just Need Jesus Christ.

I am proposing to build a Mercy Centre just outside of Pattaya to help those girls, boys, and children who have suffered so much, maybe have worked in prostitution or drugs so they can come to a place of rest, a place of safety and just know the peace of God…. We will offer them food, drink and a relaxing environment where we can also teach people English, Computer skills and various other things so that they can turn away from the hurtful things and work on having a life without doing things mentioned earlier. They can start afresh – amen….

The mercy centre would be run and owned by DTM but we would put Thai people in charge and make this place a beacon of light, not a flashlight a Lighthouse of light, so people know it is a sanctuary of safety and we are the workers of the Lord! And all who want him, He will be there! 

Sundays we would run a church that is active on outreach for all and once this one place is a success we can then open another and another as the Holy Spirit leads….

In a dream I had whilst I was there “I saw a small fire, and bits of the fire was jumping out of that fire and starting another fire until that was big enough and then it would happen again and start another fire and I believe that is what God is saying – Start it, Phil and I will bless it and make the fire spread all over Thailand! I believe Thailand can be saved and That Jesus is wanting this because of UK, USA  and Europe etc. have heard the Gospel, most of these people have not – COME ON CHURCH WAKE UP – Help me, help them and let’s get this Mercy centre open in Jesus Mighty Name……

I estimate, to buy a building, to live for a year and bearing in mind travel back and forth for that time, the structure we would need to put in place, the wages we would need to find and of course the visa complications, the program we would need to put in place to counsel, mentor and help these damaged people -  would cost in the region of £150,000 - £200,000 and then ongoing it would be not too much because I am sure God will bring along people who will see what we are doing and realise the benefit!

I want this place to be for all, and that means for all, whether they are gay, straight, this or that – we need to show the Love of God, the mercy of God and when the time is right we can begin to mentor and help these people grow into all God has for them! Doctrine will not get people saved – The Holy Spirit does and then from there we can help them learn! It is time …

I am calling on all Churches, All Christians, All businesses and All decent human beings to help get behind this project, help us fund this project that will do some good and make some real change in people lives… Free to all that are in need, free to all who want help, Lets show the Thai people they are not forgotten by God!= and forgotten by us – we are called to help the poor, we are called to go out and preach the Gospel, we are called to GO – I am willing but Church, Pastors, Loved ones it is in your hands… I would pray for you to hear my heart for these wonderful people in Jesus Mighty Name!

I pray this falls on the correct hearts and minds – Praise God!

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Pastor Phil Cartlidge


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