Meowz - For The Love Of Cats

Project by Tiffany
Meowz - For The Love Of Cats

To give cats a 2nd chance at finding a forever home by providing them with a comfortable & calm cafe environment to live instead of a cage.

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Norwich's First Cat Cafe



What Is A Cat Cafe?

A cat cafe is just like any normal high street cafe but there's just one BIG's full of cats. Cat cafes were first introduced in Taiwan in 1998 and the idea then spread to Japan and are now becoming very popular in the UK with cafes opening up in London, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester and many other cities. Customers get to sip tea or coffee whilst sitting next to a furry friend, what's not to like?

My Aim

My aim is to give cats a second chance at finding a new forever loving home whilst providing them with a playful, comfortable and calm environment to live in instead of a cage. Cat welfare is my top priority and i will work with the local cat homes in the area to help assist me in selecting the correct breeds for the cafe environment and to devise health care plans for each cat individually. I will also work very hard and closely with various design companies to ensure that the design of the cafe is around the cats to give them the type of environment they will be happy in whilst awaiting their new forever home.

Why Would You Visit Us?

I want to create a space that is very relaxing with comfy chairs to give that "at home" feeling. For those facing anti-pet landlords or can't commit to owning a pet due to long working hours at work and busy lifestyles, you will always have a place to go and spend time with plenty of our feline friends. Research shows that cats can relieve stress and lower blood pressure, and studies have found that the hormone oxytocin is released when we're around our furry friends triggering feelings of happiness, so it's a win win all around.

What Makes This Cafe Different?

I don't want to open just another cat cafe but a place that gives you that feeling of tranquility. By combining the presence of cats with a relaxing and calm atmosphere i aim to help lower stress and bring balance to all visitors. At a later date once it's open and running i'm hoping to introduce Cat Yoga classes where visitors can come and enjoy a yoga session in the company of our theraputic feline friends.

What Will The Funds Be Used For?

The majority of the funds will go towards leasing the ideal premises, it's refurbishment and interior decor. It will help fund to fit out the cafe with furniture for our visitors and feline friends making it a comfortable cat friendly environment for them and you.


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