Mentor and Healing

Mentor and Healing

Teach young Children and Adults , Assertive skills, Mindset , and Communication Skills , to understand Control and self belief .

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I would like to start a project to nurture young Children and Adults in Assertiveness , Anxiety, Mindset , self belief and

Stress management with the aim to open up opportunities and learn a discipline through the medium of Art , Martial arts and combining Micro - sessions in Mindfullness , Self -Respect , basic self defence , And exploring their talent of Art, acrylics or pencil.

I would invest in materials and some marketing to gain a membership and gain trust within local community and launch the students to gain confidnece and success . A concept of mentoring their strengths and weakness.

I have alot of experience in Course tutoring and qualified in Martial arts and currently hold a Senior Business position .