Mentally Strong Leaders

by Karolina Alchimowicz in Wakefield, England, United Kingdom

Mentally Strong Leaders
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Into Leadership came to live as a project to help other people who struggle with modern challenges such as depression, anxiety, resilience.

by Karolina Alchimowicz in Wakefield, England, United Kingdom

Into Leadership came to life as a venture to help other people who struggle with modern social issues such as depression, lack of motivation, lack of resilience and poor leadership.

                        My Story:

8 years ago I after a compilation of work exhaustion what led to burnout, surrounded by toxic people and facing major tragedy in my family I've been diagnosed with severe depression. 

Facing daily challenges, I've ended being homeless. 

My whole world collapsed.

I survived on listening to my good friends, family, motivational speakers and random homeless people with whom I had chats while walking during the night as I couldn't sleep. There was an inner voice- keep going.

I know my life could end that time as sorrow and lack of help could kill me. I'm aware there are many people out there suffering similar problems and still going to work or support others.

Into Leadership!

I've come to an idea to help others by offering to coach them to be a better version of themselves. 

 If I could do it -you can do it as well.  

Many people forget we can spend more time at work than with our beloved ones and if the environment is toxic or less supportive sooner or later our mental health can suffer. It's better to prevent than treat - I know as I'm a perfect example of it. I know if I got help 8 years ago I wouldn't be in that terrible situation.

Resilience is a process and losing it is a process as well, if you know how to manage this process -you win. 

My main focus is to offer resilience, leadership and mental health awareness workshops to the public and businesses across the UK. 

I want to create a supportive culture in the workplace where employees are not afraid to say how they feel, that there is a not difficult conversation and having mental ill-health still you can have a productive and efficient environment.

We all need support from time to time, don't we?  

Some of my testimonials:

 " A brilliant professional, the one who brings personality to the result. Leaves her mark in every single touch. Creative, always one step forward to lead and encourage the rest for the next day. Well organized with amazing skills. A unique individual who's talent drives to success. Inspires and always leads by example. A natural leader in anything she does. " Victor, F&B Manager

“Solutions to the ever-changing demands of modern-day leadership requires a creative approach. Embodying professionalism. Karolina demonstrates empathy and flexibility for each of her clients unique issues. Turning them into practical and workable solutions. I can personally recommend from experience.” David, Area Manager

“Karolina is a great coach, her positive attitude is contagious. Looking to change and remould yourself takes time however with her approach to the problem and step by step action -all is doable. Highly recommended.”Luca, Automotive Technician

Your Support.

All the money I want to spend on providing workshops, booklets and presentations to people who need it the most. 

I truly believe if people are more educated on how to manage our emotions and support others we can work and live better.

I know it's possible but sometimes we forgot how strong we are and that always we have a choice.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for supporting my project. 




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I will personally(Leeds/Wakefield)or Online have a 1h coaching session with you and work on your challenges.

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I will offer a Resilience, Leadership or Mental Health Awareness training for your team. You pick one subject, no matter on the number of your employees :)

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