Mental Health Support

by Adam Afsar in London, England, United Kingdom

Mental Health Support


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Mental Health - the failure of humanity. But what are we going to do about it? A small act of kindness can help save a life.

by Adam Afsar in London, England, United Kingdom

It is said, one in four at some point during their lives will come across negative mental health. Almost 800,000 people die every day — one every 4 seconds. (*stats provided from 2018*)

The world as we know isn't getting any better. People are suffering from Natural Disasters, Terror Attacks, Knife Crime, Violence, abuse, grief,  loss, relationships, families and health. Everything that happens would leave an impact on people. Some are strong to continue fighting. However, there are millions, who lose the will to live, to continue. They don't have the support.

At Mind Allies, we believe the best way to tackle and help people who are affected by negative mental health is by eliminated people from case studies and adding the human touch. For us, every life matter and we believe no one should be treated differently by it. We are sad to say that even today, Global Mental Health is a failure of humanity. In some corners of the world, there are no support nor funding for Mental Health support. The moral failure of humanity in the past does not mean we must tolerate this failure any longer.

It is sad to see that even today, with many different organisations supporting those suffering from mental health could only provide listening support. It is sad to say that people have to constantly repeat their pains and traumas to every person they speak to. Mental health support should be like a sanctuary. A place of nature, where one can go, can open their minds and reflect on their thoughts and feelings. Mental Health support should be a support for guidance, support to help one find a new way of living life. Doing more than just listening. It is about being a friend. A person who would never give up.

We are on a mission to creating a new awareness. Support for everyone, doing more than just listening, going the extra mile helping people get through their pains, providing coping tips and coping advice, using resources, music and sanctuaries to be helping those that need it the most — doing all we can to save a life. The digital support is merely the beginning; we are working on creating a free sanctuary for people who need it the most, providing care and support to those who attempt suicide and holding governments accountable to their roles and responsibility in duty of care.

Human Progress isn't measured by industry; it's measured by the value you place on a life. 

It is sad that even at this day and age, we have placed a figure on human life, the cost of treatments and care are increasing rapidly; But there are billions of people suffering on minimum wage, poverty or have no support. It is sad to hear in majority parts of the world when one attempts suicide, and they get hit with a bill of care which leads into thousands. No Insurance provided attempted suicide cover. With many hospitals which won't start treatment until the deposit is received… While the patient is receiving the medical treatment, they are also receiving notice of a growing bill. There is merely any financial support or mental care for those people.

Mental health requires a lot of emotional support, and it needs one to feel and understand what the other is going through. It's about showing care, love, and guidance and importance. It's about showing the person a new way of living life. It is sad to see that even today to survive it costs a lot.

We know we can't put an end to this growing concern; however, we can try to support as many as we can. Even saving a life means the world to us. We would appreciate your support whether this is donating, sharing the word or also referring someone to us who needs help.

We are proud to announce that our digital omnichannel support, Where you could contact us by Text, Whatsapp, Imessages, email, Digital Interactive service, web chats, group chats, FB Messenger, and twitter DM will be launching in summer 2019 — a first step to helping others.


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